We Did!

Assuming the scheduler works properly, we just tied the knot!! Right about now, we should be heading back up the aisle, and then on to the wedding reception! Hooray, we’re married!!!!

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Weather Update!!

Ok, I know I said the last post was going to be it, but I just checked the weather forecast, and they downgraded the chance of rain to 20%, and changed the forecast from isolate t-storms to partly cloudy!! It’s the one clear day in a week of rain! Fingers crossed that it stays that way!!!


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Making It Official

I’m getting really excited about the wedding, and I love how the details are all coming together, but when it comes down to it, that’s all icing on the (not too tall, no fondant and no frills please) cake. The part that really matters is the getting married part! 

On Tuesday, T and I made the hike over to the county seat to pick up our marriage license. The process was far less…I don’t know, official, I guess, than I expected. Part of that was probably that they were doing renovations or something to the main building, so the office was temporarily housed in a building with a law firm. So we went in, stood waiting for someone to come for a few minutes, and then knocked on the closest door. It seems it was the right door, although we interrupted a woman eating her lunch, and she brought us in, had us swear that we weren’t related, etc, and then we filled out the forms, she printed them out (on copy paper!!), and we were done. Apparently we can get a more official-looking marriage certificate after the wedding from the state. Luckily, I have a wonderful fiance who was just as bummed as I was that there wasn’t more to it (or at least didn’t let on otherwise!), and we had lunch at the restaurant at The Brick Hotel, our reception venue, so that made it seem a little  more special.

Honestly, the people at the DMV made more of a big deal about us getting married when I went in to get a DE license recently than the people at the Clerk of the Peace did! I guess they see couples in there every day, so it’s old hat to them, but I’d never done it before!! Still, once I got over my disappointment at the lack of pomp and circumstance, it still felt very momentous. All we’d technically need is the signature of a minister, and we’d be married! Obviously that won’t be until after the ceremony, but it’s a big step in the right direction, legally speaking!!

Along those lines, we got our rings in! They came in last week when I was on my way down to Richmond, so I haven’t had a chance to post about them yet, but they’re here! It took some doing to find a ring that would fit my vintage style engagement ring, and we considered having one custom made, but when we went to get T’s ring, we found some contour bands that fit the ring pretty well. There are some gaps that I guess I could get filled, but honestly it just emphasizes the cocktail ring look that I loved initially.

I also got a plain gold band for the ceremony, and to wear when I’m working or traveling in a foreign country (with the bands, my ring is a little more… noticeable than I originally planned).

We decided to pick our own bands based on what we wanted, not what would match the best — we’re not exactly the same personality-wise, so we don’t really feel the need to have the exact same band. That is definitely important for some people, and that’s great, but it just didn’t matter that much to us. So T ended up with an engraved yellow gold band, while I have white gold engagement and wedding rings. I did get yellow gold for the plain band, because the fact that it kind of fades against my skin was a bonus there.

So all of the official stuff is in line, and now it’s just finishing up the fun stuff for the wedding, and that’s it! Three more weeks!

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Protocol Prompt: Proper “Man”ners

Most of the information on wedding etiquette you see is slanted toward the bride. This certainly makes sense, since many brides take on the majority of the planning duties.

However, today I thought we’d focus on some wedding protocol tips for the men in the party (feel free to pass on to the guys in your life — these tips apply for many situations!).

First, the question I hear most often from grooms and other men is “does that mean I have to wear a bow tie?” A super-quick guide, since you’ve probably seen this before, but he may not have…

{Brooks Brothers}

If the reception card says “Black tie” or “Formal attire” (because you’re not technically supposed to put information about attire on the ceremony invitation), then yes, he does have to wear a tux. Other variations, like “creative black tie” mean that he can have a little more fun — still formal wear, but that’s the time to break out a black shirt/no tie with his tux.

I’ve seen a lot of cases where guys equate “dressed up” with “black suit.” Which is fine, if you’re going to a winter wedding, but guys, please — don’t wear a black suit to an early afternoon garden wedding!!! T and I once attended a wedding where he and two other guys were the only ones wearing summer suits…which made them feel out of place! Ladies, please don’t let the men in your life wear a black wool suit to a summer wedding when there are so many wonderful options for summer (check out this great look, via Snippet & Ink):

{Photo: Union Photography; Dress: Amsale; Suit: Jil Sander}

And a word on/for ushers: Make sure your ushers know what their job entails! I’ve found this is one of the most neglected elements of the rehearsal. We spend hours making sure everyone walks (which they do every day) into the ceremony space properly, and never have the ushers rehearse escorting people (which they don’t do every day!). More ushers than you might think don’t realize they they actually escort people to their seat, not just point them in the right direction!

Traditionally, the bride/wife wrote the thank-you notes, but now more and more grooms are getting into the task. If your fiance’s handwriting makes people think he’s a doctor (or maybe he is!), have him help you with other tasks — maybe he’d be willing to develop a spreadsheet to track gifts/notes, seal & stamp envelopes, or has graphic design skills and wants to actually design the stationary himself! For a look at an amazing groom-designed invitation suite, check out Liss & Tyler’s wedding, featured on 100 Layer Cake.

Other than the guidelines we’ve discussed above, the great thing about guys and weddings is that there are very few hard and fast rules. If he wants to get involved, let him! If not, figure out where you can use his help/input in a way that works for you. If you want to go with the traditional rules, check out information on duties and expenses from the Emily Post Institute. The list I like better is their “Honey-Do” list!

For a guy’s-perspective resource, share Groom Groove with your fiance; it has a wealth of information on the various groom & wedding party duties, along with a number of helpful “how-to” articles. Finally, check out How to Be a Gentleman, by John Bridges (just $5 from Amazon!).

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Protocol Prompts: RSVP’s

This week, I’ve seen a couple of posts on the upcoming postage hike (you only have until May 11 to get the “Forever” stamps at the lower rate!). So, I thought for this week’s Protocol Prompts post, I’d talk a little bit about the sticky topic of RSVP’s.

Let’s start with the “good old days” of responding to wedding invites. RSVP cards are a relatively new phenomenon. In days past, guests were expected to respond using their personal stationary-and their own stamp (or footman, in days further past…)! (more…)

Win a Pair of Louboutins

Yes, I know the odds of winning any drawing are slim. But, I just had to share: Neiman Marcus is giving away a $3000 Christian Louboutin shopping spree. You just have to sign up for their email list.

Do I think I’ll win my dream wedding shoes? No, but a extra little bit of spam is totally worth the long shot!

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They Did What?

So I just called Smith & Co to reschedule our meeting with Brenda, and got a message saying that they are temporarily closed and “plan” to reopen in the spring. Um…yeah. Ok.

So that makes me just a tad nervous about keeping them on the list. We may be down to one favorite…

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