The Home Stretch

Well, this is it. The week of the wedding. Time has seriously flown by so fast, I can’t believe it’s finally here. My to-do list is getting shorter by the minute, and I’m getting excited about seeing all our hard work come to fruition!

Our first guests arrived yesterday evening: T’s best man and his wife and two kids. It made it all feel more real, with guests starting to come in to celebrate with us. T’s other best man arrives today, and then a whole slew of people on Wednesday/Thursday. 

I’m currently up to my neck in finishing up projects for the wedding. My plans to be done by the week of the wedding didn’t quite pan out, but the only major thing left to do is print the programs: everything else is pretty close to finished!

So here’s what my to-do list looks like for the home stretch:

– Finish OOT baskets
– Finish wrapping gifts
– Print and assemble programs
– Print and address announcements
– Meet with officiant to confirm ceremony details 
– Meet with day-of coordinator to confirm coordination details
– Get hair/nails done
– PACK!!

Right now the forecast is holding at a 30% chance of isolated storms, so I’m remaining hopeful that we’ll be able to stay outside for the reception. 

The rest of this week is likely to be swamped, so my posting may be sporadic, but I’ll try to get in at least one post per day, although it may be late!

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Finding the “Oops, oh well”

I am the first to admit that I have been a stickler about the details of the wedding. I told T early on that if we were going to do this (as opposed to eloping, which I’m still a little wistful over…), I needed two things: I needed to be able to run this like one of my events, and I needed us to do a lot of it ourselves, because I couldn’t bring myself to spend crazy amounts of money on it. I knew it would be a lot of work, but I also knew that it would be worth it.

And it has been a lot of work. I mean a LOT of work. But it’s exciting to see everything coming together, and see a light at the end of the tunnel. That “end of the tunnel” goal is what I wanted to talk about today.

T and I were talking last night about finding the “oops, oh well” point. Throughout most of your wedding planning, little technical difficulties are “oops, need to fix that” moments. But at a certain point, you need to reach a place in which the little stuff is good enough. Just for the record, I’m not suggesting that you leave something major half done. It’s the little, “nobody knew that was supposed to happen but you” or “nobody else is likely to notice that” things that I’m talking about. 


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Weather Watch

Yikes. So I just did what I’ve been afraid to do, and checked the AccuWeather 15-day forecast. As of right now, it’s calling for “a shower late” on the Friday night of our wedding. By late, I’m hoping they mean “3 am after everyone is safely home.”

We do have a rain plan, but I really, really, want to have our reception on the rooftop, so keep your fingers crossed for the rain to stay away as we get closer!

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The Master Plan

{from the author’s personal files}

So I’m trying very, very hard not to be a bridezilla. T says I’m doing ok, but I think he might be biased. I will tell on myself a little, though. Funny bridezilla moment (luckily aborted) last week: my MOH emailed me about the shirts for the wedding. If you remember, I ended up asking the girls to just pick out a white, french cuff shirt and long black skirt for the wedding. She emailed me to ask about two shirts she had found, one of which looked like it was probably french cuff, but you couldn’t tell for sure in the pics.

An actual excerpt from the email I didn’t send: “The second one looks perfect! I can’t tell for sure if it’s actually french cuff, but the cuff style looks right, so if it’s not, you can just resew the buttons to make it work!!”

Backspace, backspace, backspace. 


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Countdown Happy Dance

30 days to go today! You would think that just maybe I would be a little stressed about getting everything done, etc. Nope, not me! I want to do a little wedding happy dance!! I’m getting married!! In a month!!!

Yes, there’s a lot still to do (anyone who feels a sudden strong desire to label soda bottles is welcome to contact me!!), but we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and starting to see the vision come together. The waterproof labels are on the way, our wedding rings should be here any day…aaand now I’m rhyming, which is apparently an unfortunate side effect of giddiness!!  

I can’t wait to see everything finally come together, and get to walk down the aisle to marry my favorite person! One month to the wedding!! Woo hoo!!!

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The Editing Process

When I read Brandi’s description of her wedding planning, it really struck a chord with me. I think “editing” your wedding is one of the most important, and most challenging, aspects of planning a wedding. 

Sad but true: as much as we want to, brides cannot do everything. Trying to do so leads to mild insanity and nervous breakdowns (please don’t ask T how I know!!). Which means that at some point, if you want to make it to the wedding with all mental faculties intact, you have to do two important things: editing and delegating.

With any event, whether that’s a small birthday party or something as major as a wedding, I’ve found that there are usually one or two things that you personally care the most about, things that are closest to your heart. These may or may not be “big ticket” things in the strictest sense of the phrase, but they are the things you’re willing to put the most resources into, whether that’s time, money, effort, or all three.


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Check, Check, Check

That’s been me over this past two weeks, checking things off the wedding to do list. With five weeks to go, productivity is a big daily goal! When I first wrote my “final” list, it was so long and scary that I decided to spare you the details. Especially since I’ve never seen a list that wasn’t a living document. However, now that I’ve knocked a bunch off the list, I’ll go ahead and share — and give you a preview of the rest of the paper products.


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Next Month!

Saturday morning it hit me: I’m getting married next month! Hooray!! I was reading Jessica’s post from her wedding morning, and first of all, I vowed to buy stock in Kleenex immediately, because if I cry reading someone else’s post about their wedding day, I’m going to be a mess on mine!

But I totally know what she’s talking about, at least to this point. When we got engaged, six months seemed ever so far away, even though I knew, factually speaking, that we had a rather short engagement. Now, however, it seems like it’s racing toward me. And it seems my subconscious is having lots of fun reminding me that I still have a lot to do: I had my first real, no joke, wake-up-in-a-cold-sweat wedding nightmare yesterday when I took my usual Sunday nap  (P.S. Aren’t naps simply the best invention ever?).

In my dream, for some reason we were getting married at a campground, and I developed amnesia after the ceremony (not “wow that was a blur”; more like “hey, can I have a do-over so I can be certain I actually got married?”), and then showed up to the reception wearing denim (don’t ask). On top of which the venue forgot about the wedding, so nothing was set up. Whew! Let me tell you how glad I was when I woke up and realized it was all a dream!!

Since I have never once had a nightmare about a client’s wedding, tomorrow will be all about making my usual lists and diagrams so I can convince my nervous Nellie subconscious that everything is under control!

Strange nightmares aside, I am so totally excited to be getting married in less than seven weeks!! I know the next 1 1/2 months are going to fly by, and then I’ll be walking down the aisle!!

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Sorry for the radio silence recently. I had intended to set up posts for while I was in Costa Rica, but time got away from me and that didn’t quite happen. However, I’m back now, and hard at work on wedding stuff, so the next few weeks will be busy, and hopefully full of posts as I check things off my to-do list. 

Next up: the wedding I just did in Costa Rica…

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April To-Dos

All along, it’s been my goal to get everything planned out and set by early June, so I can turn everything over to my DOC, and spend the last couple of weeks before the wedding just being a bride. Which means a very busy April and May!

So far this month, I’ve been a shopping fiend — I’ve ordered the paper for the invites (which arrived late last week!), the custom stamp for the invites, our ring bowl, the tulle (yes, I gave in and got it), the stamps for the response cards, the calligraphy pen for the envelopes (I’m going Jenn’s DIY calligraphy route, because I’m a perfectionist too!), sealing wax and a seal for the favors/toss packets, and supplies for centerpiece and bouquet test runs. I want to get most of the shopping done this month, so that I don’t have to worry about anything taking too long to get here. So, my tasks for the rest of April:

  • Finish our wedding website
  • Buy my veil. I was going to make it, but then I found Something Bold, and realized I could buy it for almost as cheap, and then add my own fascinator. So that’s what I’m doing — the less I have to do personally, the happier everyone around me will be!
  • Letterpress the invites!! The paper is in, the plate is on the way, and I get to go have more letterpress fun on Thursday!!
  • Assemble and mail the invites. When I bought the stamps the other day, I spoke with a lovely woman at our local post office who said that she would personally hand-cancel our invites when I bring them in.
  • Do the centerpiece and bouquet test runs
  • Buy any additional centerpiece supplies
  • Make lots of paper flowers — luckily, my sister is going to help with this task
  • Help my mom and T’s mom find dresses for the wedding
  • Find and order my shoes
  • Order sheet music for the ceremony and reception musicians
  • Get on T to finish the honeymoon reservations!
  • Buy our wedding rings! Mine will need to be custom made to fit my engagement ring, so we definitely need to get on it!
  • Anything else I have time for to get ahead on May’s tasks!

April is going to be a busy month, but May will be even busier! I love, love, love being busy, though — it makes the time fly by, and this is the fun part!!

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