Out of Town Baskets

I mentioned yesterday that one of the things I really like is the out of town basket we’ve put together for our guests coming in for the wedding. Budget-wise, we couldn’t go way overboard with any of the wedding elements, but I did want to have at least a little something to welcome our guests, so we put together a basket with some welcome treats and area information. I hadn’t decided exactly how I wanted to package the information, though, to give guests the proper preview. Then I saw this:

{Tara Guerard}

I love the half moon envelopes! Really, how can you not have a Paper Source obsession on some level? So now we have gorgeous red half moon enclosures with welcome stickers to go in the box, along with custom-labeled water, tea packets, biscotti, and chocolate.

Those are first on the to-do list for this weekend, since our first guests will be getting in Sunday night! Just one more week — SO excited!!!

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The Wedding Factory

Sorry for the radio silence today — it’s been a bit of a crazy one! Right now, my apartment is feeling a bit like a wedding factory. I’ve got favors, wedding party gifts, paper supplies, and decorations stacked everywhere! It’s exciting to see everything coming together, though!

My MOH, two bridesmaids, my flower girl and my FMIL came to help put together favors last night. They were such a huge help!! We got all of the favors bagged (and about half of them tagged!), and all of the waters and root beers labeled. I took lots of pics of the results, but unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to how much battery I had left, and the camera died right as I was uploading them! And me with no clue where the charger got to in the move… So, I’ll have pics up soon!

They turned out great, though!! You know those times when you have to come up with a plan B, and you end up liking it better? Well, in this case, it was plan D that ended up being the winner, and boy am I glad! The original plan was to seal the favor bags with round stickers, but that got scrapped when I realized how temperamental my new circle punch is. Then, I planned to use fold-over bag toppers a la Maggie’s adorable cookie tags. But that plan was scrapped when my printer mutinied over the 110 lb. cardstock I tried to feed it. Plan C went the way of the printer paper I was nearly out of. Finally, I put my head in my hands and ended up staring at the box of full-sheet labels sitting below the printer. Hmm…labels!! So I ended up printing the fold-over tags on sticker paper, which had the very big added bonus of not needing to be stapled, glued, or otherwise manually attached to the bags, it was just fold and go — it did the attaching on its own!

And they’re lovely. Really lovely. I’m usually the person who says “Oh, it was no big deal, I guess they turned out ok.” But seriously? These are great. As one of my BMs put it, “These look like something you would buy in a little boutique.”

So the next couple of days will be labeling, stickering, and assembling the remaining drinks and favors, bridesmaids’ gifts, and OOT baskets, along with getting the programs started. But first up…our shower tonight!!

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Our Invites on Oh So Beautiful Paper!

The super-amazing Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper is featuring our invites today!!

When I got them all finished and the pics taken, I somewhat sheepishly sent them to Nole, because I know she features real invites, and thought she might find DIY letterpress interesting. She was kind enough to take more pictures of our invites (read: nice pictures that actually showed them off, not my snapshot), and is featuring them today! I’m totally excited to be featured on one of my favorite blogs (*doing a little happy blog dance*), so stop by and check out that and the major awesomeness on the rest of the blog!

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Doing Double Duty

So you know how I talked yesterday about editing? First up today, a prime example. The original plan for the favors was to seal them with wax seals. Then I started thinking about all the work involved with sealing every single favor with a wax seal, in addition to all the ceremony programs! And I saw this post on iDiY, which I adore (really, how can you not love that blog?). And I talked to my oh-so-patient fiance, who was on board. So now we have these instead:


Round labels that we’ll use to seal the favors (because my prohibition on personalized things doesn’t extend to labels, after all…) and change the text on to seal the reception booklets. I adore things that do double duty!

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Check, Check, Check

That’s been me over this past two weeks, checking things off the wedding to do list. With five weeks to go, productivity is a big daily goal! When I first wrote my “final” list, it was so long and scary that I decided to spare you the details. Especially since I’ve never seen a list that wasn’t a living document. However, now that I’ve knocked a bunch off the list, I’ll go ahead and share — and give you a preview of the rest of the paper products.


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We Have Chocolate!

So, as any bride who has tried to put together a candy buffet, or buy candy in bulk for any other reason, knows, candy is not cheap. Or rather, candy is, but shipping is not. Does anyone know why every single bulk candy distributor out there is located on the West Coast? Seriously? Because we like candy on the East Coast too…

After much searching, I finally found someplace on the East Coast that a) wouldn’t require pledging our firstborn to get candy shipped and b) actually had the candy we want! I spoke with a very nice woman at Dutch Valley Distributors yesterday morning, and our chocolate covered espresso beans arrived, unmelted, today!! T loves them, so we’re using those in half the favor bags, and doing mints (because cliched or not, I seriously love soft mints) in the other half, since I really can’t stand espresso beans in any incarnation.

Getting things checked off the to-do list!!

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The Invitations

Almost all of our guests should now have received their invitations, so I decided to go ahead and share my big project for the last couple of weeks!

For those few who haven’t, I’m including most of the pics after the jump, so they can choose to be surprised if they want 🙂

Here’s the last batch, ready to go out the door!

We ended up splurging on custom stamps, since the wedding stamps didn’t really match our color scheme (sorry for the blurry pic, it seems my camera doesn’t like close-ups):


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Out the Door!

So, most of our invitations are out the door!!! Hooray! I spent most of the night on Friday and all day on Saturday working on them. T was definitely as helpful as he could be, but a lot of it was prep work I had to finish (the envelope calligraphy, etc.) before he could help me assemble. He did sneak off for a little bit on Saturday to go golfing, but after a week of studying and helping me with the wedding, I certainly couldn’t begrudge him that!

BTW, the stamp got here just fine on Saturday, and it ended up working out just as well, because instead of printing envelope seals and cutting them out, I just used the too-big stamp on round labels! So it did end up being a blessing in disguise, effort-wise.

Speaking of effort…in my last post, I referred to the fun with the envelopes. Well. Thursday evening, I went to Staples to get the outer envelopes that I needed to finish the invitations. Now, I’d already checked to make sure they had the ones I needed, and I just had to pick them up. You can, I’m sure, see the bad place this is going. When I got there, they didn’t have them, although they’d assured me they did. Of course, by then it was too late to get them shipped from anywhere. So, I spent all night on Friday making all of the outer envelopes. That’s right, with a Paper Source template, a pair of scissors, and a glue stick. Not one of the most fun nights I’ve ever spent. However, in the end they turned out fine, but I’ve definitely learned my lesson — just go ahead and order supplies when you find them the first time!

We gave out most of the local invites at church yesterday, and all of the hard work was worth it when people kept coming up to me last night (after they had gotten home and opened them that afternoon) telling me that they were the most gorgeous invites they’d ever seen. I mean, they’re my favorite ever, but I’m admittedly biased, so it was nice to know that other people liked them too.

Tonight I just have to finish assembling and addressing the ones to go in the mail, and then tomorrow we mail them, and that’s done! We’ve just passed the two month mark now, and things are really starting to come together. I can’t wait!!

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My $10 Salt & Pepper Shakers

Last week I read this article on customer service. Liene recounts Randy Pausch’s story of going to Disneyland as a child, and accidentally breaking a set of $10 salt and pepper shakers he and his sister had just purchased as a gift for their parents. Because his parents were impressed at the way the store replaced the set for their chagrined son at no extra charge, they ended up bringing a lot of business to the company. Liene made the point that businesses should not stubbornly adhere to policy at the expense of customer service.

Well, I just had a somewhat similar experience. Earlier, I told you that my custom stamp arrived the wrong size. Even after many deep breaths and counting way past 1000, I was still furious. I called the company, and as politely as possible, let the poor customer service rep on the other end have it. As I told her, there are a few things that are sure to make a woman go utterly beserk, and messing with her wedding is one of them!

She told me that the best they could do was to create a new stamp, and I’d have it by Monday. Which, since I’m leaving early next Wednesday for Costa Rica, and we’re sending our invites before I leave, simply wasn’t going to work. And they told me that Saturday delivery wasn’t available for our area.

I ended up speaking to the company owner, who was wonderful, accepted full responsibility for the mistake (the file I sent was correct, they resized it for reasons unknown), and started checking around to see what she could do. She told me that she would call me back within 15-20 minutes. I will admit to a little skepticism — how often do companies actually get back to you as soon as they say? — but within 10 minutes, my phone rang. She had managed to get Saturday delivery with UPS, and said they would ship my stamp later today (normally a two day production time), and I’m supposed to have it by 2 pm tomorrow.

Turns out she had recently gotten married herself, and she understood how important it was to me to have this right, as soon as possible. Now, I’m sure that what the first woman I spoke with told me was their policy. However, the owner definitely took Liene’s advice — she was willing to go above and beyond the policy in order to provide good customer service. As a result, I’ve gone from being just about ready to denounce them in every forum I could (and I’m not exactly the “letter to the editor” type) to having a favorable impression of the company, despite the error.

So, today I’ll work on what I can (like the envelopes, which have their own story!), and tomorrow, hit the ground running to wrap things up!

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Deep Breaths

I finally got the stamp in to finish the invitations, and they totally sent the wrong size stamp. It’s probably a good thing they weren’t open yet when I called, because it’s giving me time to take some deep breaths. And count to 1000. It should have warned me when they shipped it late, but I was just so relieved to have it on the way. So. Yeah. As my father used to say, it looks like we’ll be dropping back six yards and punting. I just have to figure out how.

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