Out of Town Baskets

I mentioned yesterday that one of the things I really like is the out of town basket we’ve put together for our guests coming in for the wedding. Budget-wise, we couldn’t go way overboard with any of the wedding elements, but I did want to have at least a little something to welcome our guests, so we put together a basket with some welcome treats and area information. I hadn’t decided exactly how I wanted to package the information, though, to give guests the proper preview. Then I saw this:

{Tara Guerard}

I love the half moon envelopes! Really, how can you not have a Paper Source obsession on some level? So now we have gorgeous red half moon enclosures with welcome stickers to go in the box, along with custom-labeled water, tea packets, biscotti, and chocolate.

Those are first on the to-do list for this weekend, since our first guests will be getting in Sunday night! Just one more week — SO excited!!!

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Feeling the Love

We had our couples shower last night, and we were totally overwhelmed by all of the love shown us. First of all, it was on a Wednesday night after Bible study, and if you attend anyplace, you know that Wednesday nights aren’t the best attended. But when T’s aunt (our pastor’s wife) asked us what day we wanted the shower on, Wednesday seemed to make the most sense, since we don’t usually have church events conflicting like on Sundays. So I wasn’t really expecting much, but I would have been excited by anything — it was our first shower!

Well, I walked back to the hall where the shower was, and I was totally blown away by all the gifts. Seriously, like stopped dead and started tearing up. I was definitely not expecting anything like that. Since it was supposed to be a couples’ shower, we managed to drag T and a couple of other guys back there, and we started unwrapping. That’s when the real surprises started.

You know how being nice and thinking of others is its own reward, but often comes back around to you in a totally unexpected way? Well, we got a very surprising, touching, and humbling reminder of that last night. All day yesterday, I kept hearing hints about how much I was going to love the gifts we were getting. I heard the phrase “you’re not even expecting this,” which I have to admit worried me a little — I mean, we registered for stuff because that’s what we wanted, right? Well, sometimes going off the registry can be a very good thing, if the givers know you well!

Remember when we took the china off our registry because we felt like it was a frivolous thing to ask our guests for in this economy? And took the flatware off for the same reason? Well, T’s aunts decided that we should have china and flatware, so one aunt and uncle, along with their children and respective spouses, went in together and bought us an entire set of flatware. Another aunt, uncle, children and respective spouses also went in and actually bought us an entire 58-piece set of china. I cry at everything, but I was so shocked and touched that honestly, I couldn’t really react at all! I mean, I think I did, but it definitely had a hard time sinking in. The china we got was, unbelievably enough, actually a pattern that we had looked at initially, Mikasa Parchment:


It’s gorgeous, and it’s even my favorite color! I’ll have to come up with an excuse for a dinner party very soon!!

And we got so many other lovely gifts — even T’s aunts who live out of state sent gifts. T’s mom gave us a whole bunch of lovely things, including one of my favorites: a book called “Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women.” Isn’t that sweet?

I’ve been to a lot of bridal showers, and it always seemed like fun to be on the other side of it, but I never realized how overwhelmingly humbling and touching it is to have a whole roomful of people there to celebrate with you, and give you gifts they chose for you. If this is anything like the wedding is going to be, I’m going to be a teary mess the whole time!

So now I’m off to my hopeful final dress fitting in Richmond, so I’ll try to get another post in before I leave, but if not, I’ll be back sometime before the weekend with (hopefully) pics of the project progress so far!

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Paper Pinwheels

I love the new Once Wed site, and browsing through the DIY project gallery, I saw these great pinwheels:

{via Once Wed}

Now, I would be utterly mad to add yet another DIY project at this point, but I was thinking that they might make a fun project for the kids to work on at the kiddie party (with some kid-friendly tweaks, of course)…

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Other People’s Brilliance

First of all, I love Meg’s post today about being ok with where you are in the process. This morning, I was stressed. Seriously stressed in an unproductive way. Now I’m stressed, but determined to forge ahead, get things checked off the list, and find solutions to the issues that are stressing me.

Speaking of which, I love these free (don’t you love that word?) invites, found via iDiY (don’t you love that site, too??). One of the projects that was stressing me out was the invites for the bridal tea. I’ve reached design burnout, so these are perfect — I just have to adapt the color scheme and print! That’s my kind of project!

And some of my wonderful bridesmaids are coming over tomorrow to help knock out the favors, which I think will make me feel much better. Just 18 days until the wedding — I can’t wait to see everything start coming together!!

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Registry Angst

Is anyone else having registry angst? T and I registered, and then I started having economy guilt about having registered. I mean, people are losing their jobs…why do I really need new tea towels?? But I also feel like people might give gifts anyway, and I know I personally love registries, because I know I’m giving the couple something they definitely want. 

So I took an axe to the registry, and cut the most expensive stuff. But I still feel a little bit of registry angst. Anyone else sharing this boat with me?

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Bridal Tea Favors

Saw these tea bag favors on EAD, and I thought they would be perfect for the bridal tea!

Merriment Design via EAD

Although since we’ll probably be at a tea room, I may end up with something prepackaged like this for more portability:


Are you doing any ladies-only favors/gifts other than your bridesmaids’ gifts?

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Tea for Ten

One wedding tradition that I actually do love is the bridal tea or luncheon. When I was twelve, my mother & sister, along with our friend, her mother, and her sister, all had a ladies’ tea at the Moana Surfrider in Hawaii, where we lived.


It’s one of my very favorite memories, and I still have the sandalwood fan from tea that day. There’s something about tea that’s so inherently genteel and calming.

While we don’t have a veranda in Hawaii *sigh* I do want to take a moment in the days before the wedding to stop, breathe, and take a moment to thank the special women in my life for their support during the planning process. I don’t know yet if it will be tea or lunch but I’m hoping to get everyone together the day before the wedding, if my sister can be here then (she’s a teacher, and will just be getting out of school). If not, maybe breakfast the day of the wedding, since we won’t have to be ready until later in the day.

Are you planning any type of tea or luncheon with your bridal party and/or female family members?

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