Sappy Emotional

Those of you who know me in real life know that I cry at the drop of a hat. Sweet speech by a kid at graduation? Check. Sad scene in a movie? Check. Hallmark commercial? Sadly, check at least once. But that said, I’d say I’ve always been more emotional than sappy. I roll my eyes at Romeo and Juliet. I hate hearts and anything else that makes love cliche, or is *the* way to do romance (T knows what terrible things would happen to him if he ever brought me red roses on Valentine’s Day, which we don’t really celebrate anyway). And I never really thought too much as a little girl about what my wedding would be like, other than the fact that it would hopefully happen one day.

But a funny thing happened on the way to my wedding. Maybe it’s a surfeit of stress and emotions that have no place else to go. Maybe it’s not having slept in two weeks. Maybe it’s just the knowledge that we’re doing something big and unknown and wonderful, very, very soon. But the last week or so, I’ve turned sappy. 

Seriously, there’s no other word for it. Chick flicks that I would have laughed my head off over before? So sweet. Yesterday, when I was going to pick up my dress (!), every other song on the radio made me tear up, especially if it mentioned love, marriage, relationships, parents, family, friends…the list goes on. And have you ever tried to listen to country music without hearing one of those themes?

I found that Maggie was right. All of a sudden, the vows were a big deal. Not that having vows wasn’t a big deal before, but the choice between “plight my troth” and “pledge my faithfulness” never seemed so momentous. I’ve always been the one who liked tradition, but preferred it with a twist. But I found myself rejecting lots of vow options because they weren’t traditional enough. I want to use the words that millions of couples have used before us, that have this huge weight of tradition and many happy and successful marriages before us.

If this keeps up, I’m going to be a mess on our wedding day, and do you know what? I don’t care! If there’s one day that everything can touch me and make me tear up, it’s the day I finally get to marry my favorite person, and we promise forever in front of God and our friends and family. And after the wedding, I can go back to being my usual emotional-but-not-sappy self, although with a little better understanding of the sappy side of life. 

P.S. I still hate hearts. Apparently it’s a chronic condition.

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