The Master Plan

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So I’m trying very, very hard not to be a bridezilla. T says I’m doing ok, but I think he might be biased. I will tell on myself a little, though. Funny bridezilla moment (luckily aborted) last week: my MOH emailed me about the shirts for the wedding. If you remember, I ended up asking the girls to just pick out a white, french cuff shirt and long black skirt for the wedding. She emailed me to ask about two shirts she had found, one of which looked like it was probably french cuff, but you couldn’t tell for sure in the pics.

An actual excerpt from the email I didn’t send: “The second one looks perfect! I can’t tell for sure if it’s actually french cuff, but the cuff style looks right, so if it’s not, you can just resew the buttons to make it work!!”

Backspace, backspace, backspace. 

Yeah, wow. Luckily, it was one of those moments where as soon as something comes out of your mouth (fingers), you realize it came out wrong, so I did catch the lurking bridezilla moment before any damage was done. Actually, I told her about it later, and we both had a good laugh!!

But one thing I have caught myself doing is uberplanning everything. Seriously, my planning tools have planning tools at this point. I’m such a geek, but I’m so excited about them!! Yesterday I finished my decor inventory — since I’m borrowing some things from other people, I want to make sure nothing gets mixed up. So each piece has a little sticker on the bottom with an ID number and the owner’s initials. An ID number, you ask? Well, see, that corresponds to the table decor diagram.

I think the inventory and diagram (pictured above) are my favorite parts. My DOC is a family member, so I want her to be able to get back in time to get ready for the family pics, rather than spending all day out at the venue decorating, so this way, all they have to do is slap the right items on the right tables, hang some candles, and voila! A decorated reception.

Then there’s the schedule, of course; the decor overview; the coordinator’s schedule, complete with staging directions; the day-of checklist and contact sheet; and the photo groupings list, complete with group numbers and staggered timing!! I’ll have everything set for the DOC, in a tabbed portfolio.

This, ladies, is what makes me both certifiably insane and a good events manager!! Yikes. Also the reason I didn’t hire anyone to plan my wedding — I would have driven them into a padded cell by now with my need for everything to be detailed out. Having everything organized to the nth degree keeps me sane, though, and minimizes the number of things that can go wrong on the day (because something always, always does!).

What are you doing to stay organized? Or are you the type who stresses when you have a schedule to stick to, and just want things to flow organically?

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  1. No sense in becoming a bridezilla. Take your time, plan a lot and have a memorable day. It will happen!

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