Hair/Dress Trial

Today my MOH is coming over to do a hair/dress trial before I take the dress off to Richmond for final alterations. I can’t wait to see what the dress looks like with my hair done!

While I only have one dress, the wedding-day “costume change” I’m planning involves my hair. I love my hair down, T loves my hair down…but I’m afraid wearing it down won’t be formal enough for our evening ceremony. So we compromised: I’m wearing it down for the afternoon “first look” and photos, and then putting it up for the ceremony.

Here’s what I’m thinking for the afternoon: soft, loose curls, either half up…


or mostly down:

{Both images from The Knot}

For the wedding, I want an “updo.” I know I don’t want anything too severe — I’m thinking just slightly more than half up. Since I have a birdcage veil, I want the back of my hair to be a little more elaborate than a basic chignon, since that’s what everyone is going to be staring at the whole time!


{Wedding Channel}

I want the front to be pretty soft and romantic (severe styles are not my best look), but I’m not sure if wispy curls will look right with the veil, so it’ll probably either be like this:


or this


{Both images from Wedding Channel}

I’m heading to Richmond tonight for a marathon of shopping, dress fitting, and wedding DIY with my mother and sister, so I may not get to post again over the weekend, but will be back on Monday at the latest with trial pics and DIY recaps!!

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