Into the Wild Blue Yonder

People have been asking us a lot lately where we’re going on our honeymoon, and I realized that I had never shared that little detail on here. 

T and I definitely like a variety of things, especially between the two of us — he adores the water, I think it’s pretty, but what really speaks to me are mountains, which he likes, but can take or leave. So when we first started discussing honeymoon locations (which he kindly gave me input on), we had a little bit of a hard time agreeing on one place. We knew we wanted to be away for two weeks, but narrowing it down…

T’s parents surprised us with a week in Florida and the Bahamas, which was very generous of them, especially considering it wasn’t the only — or the smallest! — wedding present they gave us. So that took care of one week. For the other…T has made it his mission to offer me new and exciting experiences, and he loves showing me things I’ve never seen before.  Which, location-wise, is hard to do with an Army brat!! But one of the few regions I’ve never seen, and always wanted to, is the Pacific Northwest. So…

What we ended up with was a very eclectic honeymoon, which I think will definitely suit our style.

We’re starting out with a couple of days in Seattle/Vancouver.

{University of Washington}

Then we’ll spend the bulk of the first week in Portland, Oregon.

{University of Oregon}

I can’t wait!! I told T that I was going to be traditional about this and let him plan it — I’ve got enough to do with the wedding, and he’s been out there before and has a list of things he wants to show me. One thing I do know he’s planning for us to do is go out to Crater Lake, which is supposed to be gorgeous:

{Grant’s Pass}

We had originally talked about camping while we’re out there, but I think “roughing it” means a cabin with no air conditioning (running water and electricity are assumed, of course!), so T thought maybe I should make my first foray into the world of sleeping in a tent at at time when it wouldn’t ruin our honeymoon!

We’re flying from Portland to Miami for the tropical leg of the trip. We’ll spend two days there, hop on a ship for a two day cruise to the Bahamas, and then back to FL for three more days!!

{via Iho Ohi}

Whew! It’s going to be a whirlwind honeymoon, but I can’t wait!! T and I both love exploring new things and get bored with nothing to see and do, so I think this will suit us perfectly. It’s definitely getting exciting now – in just a month, I’ll be exploring the Pacific Northwest with my HUSBAND!!

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