Capturing the Smiles

I was really gratified to see this post yesterday. “DIY” photography, if you will, is not something you hear a lot about. In fact, most wedding resources, and other people, sometimes make it seem as if your married life will be a misery if you don’t spend X thousand dollars on wedding photography. Which is probably not the case. Certainly, there is a reason that people are worried. We’ve all seen vacation photos with the top of someone’s head cut off. But you know who those people are: just don’t ask them to shoot your wedding photos!!

Yes, there are amazing professional photographers out there (who doesn’t love Max?). Simply stunning:

{Max Wanger via Oh So Beautiful Paper}

But there are also amazing photographers who are just starting out. To wit, our own Caleb:


I will admit, when T first suggested using his teenage cousin as our wedding photographer, I was aghast. I said that he could do some engagement pics for us, but that was it. Then I saw his work. And worked with him myself. And of course, there’s the whole brain wave thing. So now I’m really excited about our photographs. We also have a second shooter, another friend, who will also be doing some videography for us.

Here’s the place I came around to on the wedding photographs. Yes, they’re important. Definitely. BUT. There are a lot of important days in your life. Now, I haven’t done this either yet, but I bet your child’s birth ranks up there pretty high, too. And nobody (except reality show participants!) has a camera crew follow them around for the event. They rely on the photos their family and friends take. And I have never once heard anyone remark on the lighting in a snapshot of a mother after the birth of her child. No, they’re talking about how radiantly happy she looks with the new little one.

Same thing, to some extent, with weddings. Now, I love good photography as much as the next person. Really, I do. But nobody could deny that Sara and Matt look happy as can be in their wedding photos

{2000 dollar wedding}

And they didn’t hire a professional wedding photographer. Instead, they had three friends take the “must-have” photos, and then had the rest of their guests upload photos from the wedding weekend.

As you know, I’m a stickler for having a wedding you can afford, whatever that turns out to be. If you can spend $5000+ on a photographer without going into debt, and that’s what is really important for your wedding, then more power to you. But if you can’t, or choose not to (like we did), more power to you too!! At the end of the day, what’s most important is having someone there to capture the smiles and the tears and the emotions of the day.

Is anyone else nixing the pro photographer, and going with shots from talented friends & family?

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