Same Brain Waves

T’s cousin Caleb (so named because he doesn’t share T’s blog-phobia, and besides, he’s a photog — free publicity is always a good thing!) and I like to joke that we share the same brain waves. We see the world, creatively speaking, in the same way — I’ll share a photo concept and he captures it perfectly, he’ll start describing a lighting setup and I know exactly where he’s going, I mention that I want hanging flowers and he understands the random scattering I’m looking for, etc.

T and I do that with lots of other things, of course, but we don’t always have the same creative vision — I tend to like quietness and simplicity, and he likes things a little more ornate. But there seem to be a lot of the same brain waves floating around right now. Last night, we were out running errands, and got to talking about the wedding (what else?), and I said, “So…you know how I was going to wear red shoes to the reception, since I love red shoes and they match our colors?” — fully intending to continue to explain my newest idea. However, before I had a chance to continue, he said “And now you’re thinking you want to wear pink?” Which I was, but hadn’t mentioned that to him at all. Same brain waves.

And then I saw Miss Charlottesville’s post this morning on deciding against “bridal” shoes. Five minutes after I decided to maybe just skip the ceremony shoes, and wear the pink shoes the whole time. See? Great minds and all.

So, without further ado, my *new* wedding shoes, which I will be ordering just as soon as the lovely people at DSW get their act together and get the website working again!



Since I do still adore red shoes, I will probably wear the ones I already have to the rehearsal dinner, just for the fun of it. Because I will be in a giddy, red shoe mood “for definite” (to quote a college friend) that night!

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