Next Month!

Saturday morning it hit me: I’m getting married next month! Hooray!! I was reading Jessica’s post from her wedding morning, and first of all, I vowed to buy stock in Kleenex immediately, because if I cry reading someone else’s post about their wedding day, I’m going to be a mess on mine!

But I totally know what she’s talking about, at least to this point. When we got engaged, six months seemed ever so far away, even though I knew, factually speaking, that we had a rather short engagement. Now, however, it seems like it’s racing toward me. And it seems my subconscious is having lots of fun reminding me that I still have a lot to do: I had my first real, no joke, wake-up-in-a-cold-sweat wedding nightmare yesterday when I took my usual Sunday nap¬† (P.S. Aren’t naps simply the best invention ever?).

In my dream, for some reason we were getting married at a campground, and I developed amnesia after the ceremony (not “wow that was a blur”; more like “hey, can I have a do-over so I can be certain I actually got married?”), and then showed up to the reception wearing denim (don’t ask). On top of which the venue forgot about the wedding, so nothing was set up. Whew! Let me tell you how glad I was when I woke up and realized it was all a dream!!

Since I have never once had a nightmare about a client’s wedding, tomorrow will be all about making my usual lists and diagrams so I can convince my nervous Nellie subconscious that everything is under control!

Strange nightmares aside, I am so totally excited to be getting married in less than seven weeks!! I know the next 1 1/2 months are going to fly by, and then I’ll be walking down the aisle!!

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