Making It Official

I’m getting really excited about the wedding, and I love how the details are all coming together, but when it comes down to it, that’s all icing on the (not too tall, no fondant and no frills please) cake. The part that really matters is the getting married part! 

On Tuesday, T and I made the hike over to the county seat to pick up our marriage license. The process was far less…I don’t know, official, I guess, than I expected. Part of that was probably that they were doing renovations or something to the main building, so the office was temporarily housed in a building with a law firm. So we went in, stood waiting for someone to come for a few minutes, and then knocked on the closest door. It seems it was the right door, although we interrupted a woman eating her lunch, and she brought us in, had us swear that we weren’t related, etc, and then we filled out the forms, she printed them out (on copy paper!!), and we were done. Apparently we can get a more official-looking marriage certificate after the wedding from the state. Luckily, I have a wonderful fiance who was just as bummed as I was that there wasn’t more to it (or at least didn’t let on otherwise!), and we had lunch at the restaurant at The Brick Hotel, our reception venue, so that made it seem a little  more special.

Honestly, the people at the DMV made more of a big deal about us getting married when I went in to get a DE license recently than the people at the Clerk of the Peace did! I guess they see couples in there every day, so it’s old hat to them, but I’d never done it before!! Still, once I got over my disappointment at the lack of pomp and circumstance, it still felt very momentous. All we’d technically need is the signature of a minister, and we’d be married! Obviously that won’t be until after the ceremony, but it’s a big step in the right direction, legally speaking!!

Along those lines, we got our rings in! They came in last week when I was on my way down to Richmond, so I haven’t had a chance to post about them yet, but they’re here! It took some doing to find a ring that would fit my vintage style engagement ring, and we considered having one custom made, but when we went to get T’s ring, we found some contour bands that fit the ring pretty well. There are some gaps that I guess I could get filled, but honestly it just emphasizes the cocktail ring look that I loved initially.

I also got a plain gold band for the ceremony, and to wear when I’m working or traveling in a foreign country (with the bands, my ring is a little more… noticeable than I originally planned).

We decided to pick our own bands based on what we wanted, not what would match the best — we’re not exactly the same personality-wise, so we don’t really feel the need to have the exact same band. That is definitely important for some people, and that’s great, but it just didn’t matter that much to us. So T ended up with an engraved yellow gold band, while I have white gold engagement and wedding rings. I did get yellow gold for the plain band, because the fact that it kind of fades against my skin was a bonus there.

So all of the official stuff is in line, and now it’s just finishing up the fun stuff for the wedding, and that’s it! Three more weeks!

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The Master Plan

{from the author’s personal files}

So I’m trying very, very hard not to be a bridezilla. T says I’m doing ok, but I think he might be biased. I will tell on myself a little, though. Funny bridezilla moment (luckily aborted) last week: my MOH emailed me about the shirts for the wedding. If you remember, I ended up asking the girls to just pick out a white, french cuff shirt and long black skirt for the wedding. She emailed me to ask about two shirts she had found, one of which looked like it was probably french cuff, but you couldn’t tell for sure in the pics.

An actual excerpt from the email I didn’t send: “The second one looks perfect! I can’t tell for sure if it’s actually french cuff, but the cuff style looks right, so if it’s not, you can just resew the buttons to make it work!!”

Backspace, backspace, backspace. 


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Hair/Dress Trial

Today my MOH is coming over to do a hair/dress trial before I take the dress off to Richmond for final alterations. I can’t wait to see what the dress looks like with my hair done!

While I only have one dress, the wedding-day “costume change” I’m planning involves my hair. I love my hair down, T loves my hair down…but I’m afraid wearing it down won’t be formal enough for our evening ceremony. So we compromised: I’m wearing it down for the afternoon “first look” and photos, and then putting it up for the ceremony.

Here’s what I’m thinking for the afternoon: soft, loose curls, either half up…


or mostly down:

{Both images from The Knot}

For the wedding, I want an “updo.” I know I don’t want anything too severe — I’m thinking just slightly more than half up. Since I have a birdcage veil, I want the back of my hair to be a little more elaborate than a basic chignon, since that’s what everyone is going to be staring at the whole time!


{Wedding Channel}

I want the front to be pretty soft and romantic (severe styles are not my best look), but I’m not sure if wispy curls will look right with the veil, so it’ll probably either be like this:


or this


{Both images from Wedding Channel}

I’m heading to Richmond tonight for a marathon of shopping, dress fitting, and wedding DIY with my mother and sister, so I may not get to post again over the weekend, but will be back on Monday at the latest with trial pics and DIY recaps!!

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Into the Wild Blue Yonder

People have been asking us a lot lately where we’re going on our honeymoon, and I realized that I had never shared that little detail on here. 

T and I definitely like a variety of things, especially between the two of us — he adores the water, I think it’s pretty, but what really speaks to me are mountains, which he likes, but can take or leave. So when we first started discussing honeymoon locations (which he kindly gave me input on), we had a little bit of a hard time agreeing on one place. We knew we wanted to be away for two weeks, but narrowing it down…

T’s parents surprised us with a week in Florida and the Bahamas, which was very generous of them, especially considering it wasn’t the only — or the smallest! — wedding present they gave us. So that took care of one week. For the other…T has made it his mission to offer me new and exciting experiences, and he loves showing me things I’ve never seen before.  Which, location-wise, is hard to do with an Army brat!! But one of the few regions I’ve never seen, and always wanted to, is the Pacific Northwest. So…

What we ended up with was a very eclectic honeymoon, which I think will definitely suit our style.

We’re starting out with a couple of days in Seattle/Vancouver.

{University of Washington}

Then we’ll spend the bulk of the first week in Portland, Oregon.

{University of Oregon}

I can’t wait!! I told T that I was going to be traditional about this and let him plan it — I’ve got enough to do with the wedding, and he’s been out there before and has a list of things he wants to show me. One thing I do know he’s planning for us to do is go out to Crater Lake, which is supposed to be gorgeous:

{Grant’s Pass}

We had originally talked about camping while we’re out there, but I think “roughing it” means a cabin with no air conditioning (running water and electricity are assumed, of course!), so T thought maybe I should make my first foray into the world of sleeping in a tent at at time when it wouldn’t ruin our honeymoon!

We’re flying from Portland to Miami for the tropical leg of the trip. We’ll spend two days there, hop on a ship for a two day cruise to the Bahamas, and then back to FL for three more days!!

{via Iho Ohi}

Whew! It’s going to be a whirlwind honeymoon, but I can’t wait!! T and I both love exploring new things and get bored with nothing to see and do, so I think this will suit us perfectly. It’s definitely getting exciting now – in just a month, I’ll be exploring the Pacific Northwest with my HUSBAND!!

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Countdown Happy Dance

30 days to go today! You would think that just maybe I would be a little stressed about getting everything done, etc. Nope, not me! I want to do a little wedding happy dance!! I’m getting married!! In a month!!!

Yes, there’s a lot still to do (anyone who feels a sudden strong desire to label soda bottles is welcome to contact me!!), but we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and starting to see the vision come together. The waterproof labels are on the way, our wedding rings should be here any day…aaand now I’m rhyming, which is apparently an unfortunate side effect of giddiness!!  

I can’t wait to see everything finally come together, and get to walk down the aisle to marry my favorite person! One month to the wedding!! Woo hoo!!!

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Hearts I Can Live With

I have an intense, unreasonable dislike of anything with hearts. Not because I hate love, obviously, but there’s just something about hearts that makes my hackles rise. But I think these hearts I might actually be able to deal with. I do like subtlety. 


{via coco+kelley}

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Scary Cake

I love SMP. I do. But I have to admit, the cake wearing fur scared me just a little.


Ok, I’m lying. Actually, I’m terrified. But hoping it’s a friendly furry cake, and not the other kind.

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Doing Double Duty

So you know how I talked yesterday about editing? First up today, a prime example. The original plan for the favors was to seal them with wax seals. Then I started thinking about all the work involved with sealing every single favor with a wax seal, in addition to all the ceremony programs! And I saw this post on iDiY, which I adore (really, how can you not love that blog?). And I talked to my oh-so-patient fiance, who was on board. So now we have these instead:


Round labels that we’ll use to seal the favors (because my prohibition on personalized things doesn’t extend to labels, after all…) and change the text on to seal the reception booklets. I adore things that do double duty!

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The Editing Process

When I read Brandi’s description of her wedding planning, it really struck a chord with me. I think “editing” your wedding is one of the most important, and most challenging, aspects of planning a wedding. 

Sad but true: as much as we want to, brides cannot do everything. Trying to do so leads to mild insanity and nervous breakdowns (please don’t ask T how I know!!). Which means that at some point, if you want to make it to the wedding with all mental faculties intact, you have to do two important things: editing and delegating.

With any event, whether that’s a small birthday party or something as major as a wedding, I’ve found that there are usually one or two things that you personally care the most about, things that are closest to your heart. These may or may not be “big ticket” things in the strictest sense of the phrase, but they are the things you’re willing to put the most resources into, whether that’s time, money, effort, or all three.


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Frightening bridezilla moment: First time I saw this pic, I thought “oooh, a whiteboard! I need one!”

{via Divine Caroline}

I’ll be a normal human being again after the wedding, right?

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