The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’ve been working on our invitations tonight, and I feel like I’m starting to see an end in sight. I love our invites, but they certainly are labor-intensive!! I’ve only got 25 more inner envelopes to do — tomorrow I start addressing the outer envelopes, which will go pretty fast, since we’re hand-delivering a lot of them, so they don’t need an address and a stamp. I’ve run out of ink in my calligraphy pen, so I’m finished for the night. Speaking of which, another sneak peek:


{from the author’s private collection}

We’ve decided to be vaguely improper and use a single-letter monogram on our invitation suite. This tab on the back of the inner envelope is the first glimpse our guests will get of our monogram, which will feature as a major motif throughout.

I adore our charcoal-colored envelopes. It was the contrast of the dark inner envelope with the outer envelope and liner that decided me on using double envelopes for everyone. I wasn’t sure what the reaction to the suite would be, since it’s not really the hearts, flowers and pastels invite some people are used to seeing, but so far I’ve gotten rave reviews from the few people who have seen the sample invite. I have to be honest with you, though…as much as my job is making people happy, I love our invitations so much that I almost don’t care if other people do too. Almost.

Tomorrow the custom postage gets here, and hopefully the custom rubber stamp will come in too. We’ll also be picking up the last of the supplies, and then it’s into the final push to weekend mailing!

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