The Thin Line

They say there’s a thin line between bravery and stupidity. Well, I may or may not be walking that line as we “speak.”

I’ve intended all along to “leverage” (to use a little consulting speak) Jenn’s brilliance when I did our envelopes. However, when I started working on the envelopes, trying to find the right color, and see the oh-so-faint lines, and trace them perfectly…ended up stressing me out way more than a shortcut is supposed to. So, I stepped back and took stock of the situation,  and decided that I felt confident enough with the fruits of my long-ago calligraphy courses to attempt the names myself. No, they’re not going to be perfect. However, they’re going to my friends and family, and I think they’re more likely to notice the lovely silver ink (which I personally am a BIG fan of) than the fact that my calligraphy isn’t picture perfect. So…I’m taking the plunge, and doing our calligraphy myself.

Did you scrap any shortcuts because they just didn’t work for you?

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  1. so, i’m not close enough to my wedding to have scrapped any ideas yet. but, funny calligraphy story:

    My dad didn’t graduate from college on time but his school let him walk with the rest of his class as long as he finished the course over the summer. so, he did that w/o telling his parents and my mom, being the amazing calligrapher that she is, CREATED a diploma for him to show his parents until he got his real one.

    needless to say, she’ll be doing my envelopes!

  2. LOL — that’s hilarious! Definitely enlist her!

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