First Sneak Peek!

T & I worked late and got the first copy of our invites done! I’ll be taking it to the post office later today to get it weighed, so we can order our  stamps. T decided that he liked the idea of custom stamps, so we’ll be ordering those later today, as soon as I confirm the postage needed.

I decided that I wanted my bridesmaids to have the same first look as everyone else getting invitations, so T has bravely volunteered to help put the invites together, rather than having an invitation-assembling party with my girls. I’ll need their help enough later (I sense a pomander-assembling party on the horizon)! So they’ll be seeing the same sneak peeks you do!

Speaking of which…


…the first look at the invites! I originally thought to only do outer envelopes for the people who aren’t local (we’re hand-delivering the local invites), but once we got it put together, I loved the whole package so much that I decided it was worth the extra work to make one for everyone!

I don’t know how well you can see it, but the envelope liner is the gorgeous shimmer paper from Paper Source. I had some initial reservations about using it — I was afraid it would look too homemade — so I just bought a sample pack to try, but it has a subtle enough shimmer that it actually (in my opinion, at least!) has the opposite effect!

The damask pattern, which you’ll be seeing more of, comes courtesy of the oh-so-wonderful Jen of Pixels and Ice Cream. If you haven’t discovered this wonderful resource, please check it out — there are a bunch of great patterns and brushes (both free and premium), and you can actually use most if not all for personal and commercial use!! I used a modified version of the Mocha Damask pattern. I wanted a larger pattern, in different colors, so instead of using it as a fill pattern, I had a little Photoshop fun with the PNG preview file. P.S. If you want the editable file, just let me know — I’m happy to save someone else some work. Just make sure you credit the original creator — I don’t want Jen’s work in creating this lovely pattern to be overlooked!

More to come soon!

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