Do the Math

This is something of a wedding shopping PSA. When you’re doing your wedding shopping, sometimes it may seem like those shipping charges really add up. And they definitely do. However, you’ve heard the phrase “penny wise, pound foolish?” One thing that I’ve discovered in shopping for clients and for my own wedding is that brick-and-mortar vs. internet shopping can definitely make this adage ring true.

Take, for example, the tissue paper for our pomanders. I planning to order the tissue paper from Nashville Wraps, which has a great selection of tissue paper in many different colors. Then I thought, “hm, I know I can get it at the dollar store for a dollar, and I just need white, so maybe I should save the shipping fees, and just get it locally.” Luckily, I thought through it a little more.

Hang with me through a little bit of math…For our wedding, I’m doing tissue paper pomanders in two colors: ivory and red. I plan to do five ivory pomanders, plus another 50 paper flowers to hang from the ceiling. Then, for the reception I need about another 100 flowers in red. Total flowers needed: about 350.

Each sheet of 15x20in tissue paper makes 6 flower-sized rectangles. You need 5 rectangles for each flower, so I need almost 300 sheets to make the flowers. A ream of tissue paper (480 sheets) is $12, plus shipping.

Conversely, a package of tissue paper is $1 at any of the many dollar stores. That’s 8 sheets of 20x26in tissue. Total cost? Just under $22. And that’s for fewer sheets! 

Certainly, it’s always worth doing the math, because some things definitely work out cheaper, like the $1 vases I’m thrifting (with no sales tax in DE!), rather than ordering them for way more plus shipping. But, even figuring in shipping costs, finding deals online can save you a lot of money in the long term.

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