The “Reveal”

Because we’re not starting our ceremony until 7pm, T and I have decided that it makes sense to do our photographs before the ceremony. Also, since we’ll be leaving for our honeymoon right away, we won’t be around to do a day-after shoot in interesting places. So, we’re planning to spend most of the afternoon shooting in different locations. 

Obviously, T is going to see me before the ceremony, which I’m totally fine with. But I do still want that “moment,” so he’s not going to see me until the “reveal.” Which brings me to my current logistical challenge. Hoping one of you can offer some advice. T’s going to be getting ready at his parents’ house, where he’ll probably be staying with the guys, and I’ll be getting ready at either the church or at one of the local BM’s houses. 

I’m trying to figure out how we should meet up. I’ve heard of brides still walking down the aisle, sans guests. I’ve heard of the groom coming to the bride’s dressing room once she’s ready. I’ve heard of the bride and groom meeting in a totally separate location. I like the idea of walking down the aisle, but I’m worried that the decor will still be going up, and I don’t want him to see me for the first time with ladders and people working all around us. My MOH has a gorgeous staircase, and I think the visual of coming down the stairs to meet him at the bottom would make a great shot, but what if I fall down the stairs or something because I’m looking at him and forget to look where I’m going? I think I’d rather have him come to me, because I’ll have to fight my train the rest of the day anyway, but other than that…not sure what will make the most sense both logistically and sentimentally. 

Has anyone else done this? Any suggestions to offer?

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  1. I LOVE those “first glimpse” shots when the groom simply stands in a photogenic shot and the bride walks up behind and taps him on the shoulder. Adorable expressions, always.

    But the staircase could be amazing… and I bet you’ll surprise yourself and glide right down. Very dramatic that way.

  2. The staircase would be AMAZING and dramatic and romantic!! I LOVE it.

    I am trying to find our spot too. Not sure exactly where it will be yet.

  3. what if he came down the staircase with you waiting at the bottom in all your glory. that way you could be positioned exactly the way you want to be, and you can still get the beautiful staircase.

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