Music and Ceremony Details

I know I’ve mentioned a little bit about the music we’re planning to have for our wedding, but I was just working on some details to send to my MOH, who’s going to be handling the musicians for me, and I thought I’d share with you too!

I want the whole ceremony to have a very classy, low key — almost understated — feel to it. I’ve always adored classical music, especially pieces in minor key. The prelude will be almost exclusively classical music. Both our ceremony and reception music will be played by friends of ours who are musicians. I didn’t want to ask them to learn a whole bunch of songs, so we’ve decided to use pre-recorded music for the prelude, and have live music start with the ceremony.

I’ve chosen Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for the seating of the mothers. T’s grandmothers have both passed away, and I’m not sure if mine will be able to travel for the wedding, so we’ve decided to just have one song for the seating of the mothers and then move right into the processional. The Moonlight Sonata is probably my favorite classical song, and it always makes me calmer. I’ve heard people say they found it sad, but I’ve always thought it had a quiet beauty, and I hope our guests agree! It’s going to be played on the harp, with piano accompaniment.

I wanted ceremony songs that would do double duty. While I don’t anticipate having cold feet, I don’t really like being the center of attention, so I expect some stage fright in the moments before we walk down the aisle. I’ve selected ceremony music that I love, and that never fails to transport me to a calm, happy place. 

The processional song, Erev Shel Shoshanim, is my absolute favorite song ever. It’s going to be played on the violin, with harp and piano accompaniment. All of our musicians have performance experience, and my DOC is our choir director, so she really gets how music and staging work together, and they’ll all be working as a team to use the music to build the mood as we move into the ceremony.

I’m going to have our flower girl and ring bearer walk down the aisle at the beginning of the Bridal March, and then I’ll come in as the song starts to get familiar. My father is a minister, and he was the officiant at my sister’s wedding, but I’ve always told him that on my wedding day, I just want him to be my dad, so he’ll be walking me down the aisle. 

The final ceremony song is actually still an unknown to me. T’s cousin is an amazing singer (who’s actually working on a CD now), and we’ve asked him to surprise us with a song at the wedding. T was actually the one who wanted it to be a surprise, and I wasn’t expecting to be as ok with it as I am, but I really trust his cousin to pick something beautiful (which will almost certainly make me cry!).

The recessional song will be Beethoven again, the Ode to Joy. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I really want to jazz things up, literally and figuratively, for the reception. T and I both love swing and big band music, so we’re going to go with a lot of that for the reception. I was introduced to Skinny Williams during college, and got to hear his band’s fun Louisiana swing music live in Chicago, so he’ll be battling it out with Sinatra for most played during our reception! Since we aren’t planning on having any dancing at the reception, we’ll be mixing the livelier swing numbers with more mellow jazz (hello Norah Jones) to keep things interesting.

As we wrap up the evening, we’ll be featuring a jazz combo (again, musician friends of ours) playing three songs I love: Blue Skies, It Had to Be You, and At Last (yes, I know that’s a classic to the point of being cliched, but hey, I love the song!).

Since we’re not doing a formal departure, we’ve selected “Come Fly with Me” as our reminder song, to let us know that we should start saying goodbye to our guests so that we can be out of the venue on time.

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