Excuse Me, But That’s MY Seat

This is totally NWR, but I just had to share. This post at Ashley Brooke Designs reminded me of the caller I heard on the radio during my morning commute.

It seems this woman went to visit her sister in Hawaii, and planned a “hop” to one of the other islands during the trip. They decided to splurge on first class, and were some of the first people to board, only to discover that the caller’s seat was occupied! When she confronted the woman in her seat, the flight attendant pulled her aside and informed her that the woman who’d stolen her seat was the governor of Hawaii!

Well, the caller was not impressed by the governor’s rank-pulling, and threatened to have TSA forcibly remove the governor from her ill-gotten seat! The situation ended up being resolved by the airplane seating the woman in the window seat one row up (where she promptly reclined her seat into the inflexible governor’s lap!). Too bad she didn’t have Ashley Brooke’s Nerf gun

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