Hand in Hand

I saw this wedding ceremony photo a little while ago on SMP, and it completely, utterly warmed my heart.


At our wedding, I plan to spend at least 99% of the ceremony holding hands with my soon-to-be and then brand-new husband. I really hate seeing a wedding where the couple stands 3 feet apart, except when the officiant tells them they have to join hands.

For me, I’m terribly shy (although I act like an extrovert – shh, don’t tell!), and ever-so-slightly prone to being a ball of stress (not that you could pick up on that!), so holding T’s hand is going to be the only thing that gets me through 45 min of standing in front of a crowd of people. I’m ok when I’m working or performing, but just as me? Yikes. I’ve already threatened to make T & our pastor come back to my dressing room and do the ceremony there if I get too much stage fright!

That’s why as much as I utterly adore (and plan to have lots of) artsy wedding shots like this…

via EAD

…my favorite images are ceremony moments like this, from Elizabeth’s vow renewal:


and this, from Donia & Dave’s wedding, via Snippet & Ink:


and from Libbet & Scott’s DC wedding (via SMP) — I adore the expression on her face:


where you can just feel how much strength, peace, and love the couple share just by being near each other.

What are your favorite ceremony moments/pics?

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  1. I totally agree … I hold his hand most of the time anyway, why wold our wedding day be different?

  2. I agree, too! The last wedding I went to, the bride and groom stood about three feet apart from one another and then on top of that, only looked at the pastor during the reading and vows. My biggest wedding pet peeve.

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