The Un-Corsage

So, by now you’re probably familiar with my flower angst (and my love of the word “so!”). And nothing is more angst-ridden than the corsage decision. I *HATE* corsages. With a burning passion. And my mother hates them only slightly less. On the other hand, I haven’t asked T’s mom yet, but I’m pretty sure she’s a fan.

As much as I hate them, though, I understand and approve of the concept. Obviously, I want our “special female people” to be called out in some way. But it absolutely won’t be with a corsage that is secretly terrified it will be sent back to the 80s from whence it came.

I talked to Mom about it, and she nixed both the purse flower and nosegay corsage alternative ideas (well, her actual words were “I’ll wear whatever you want, but if I have a choice…”). She was ok with a single flower or hairpiece, though. Once I cut the gardenias, though (and found out that they give Mom a headache too; guess I come by it honestly), it was back to square one on the un-corsage search.

And then I saw it. EAD introduced us, and it was love at first sight:

Image by Tresa Edmunds

Organza flowers (tutorial on Reese Dixon here). Simply genius. They’re perfect, because they are DIY-able while still fitting the feel of our wedding (because as much as I adore these, it would be a very “which one of these doesn’t belong” moment). They can be any lovely, shimmery organza color we can find, and they’ll be 100% wearable after the wedding! Hooray!

I love checking things off my to-do list…

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  1. I was just wondering about this the other day as I despise corsages as well. It’s just so *expected* though. :-/ Glad to see you found a good alternative! I am loving it.

  2. That’s what I was afraid of — that people would feel unloved if we didn’t have anything…hope this will solve the problem!

  3. so like, these would work for the guys too, right?

  4. what a great idea!!! I might bring this up to my mom as well.

  5. @ TTO: This weekend I’m going to try to create mini versions for the guys…will share the results of my experiment!

  6. Hi!

    I’m so glad you like my project! Thanks for linking back to me, would you mind crediting me with the photo too? I’m happy to share, I just don’t want this idea getting away from me. 😉


  7. So sorry, Tresa — that was an oversight on my part that’s fixed now. Love the flowers!

  8. i love the flowers. were you able to make a corsage out of them? how did you do it? i’m thinking of making a corsage and not sure how to add wire or a wrist strap … any help would be great!

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