The Big Day!

No, not that one. Today’s the day that I’m headed up to Silver Spring to learn to letterpress! I’m totally excited to be learning a new art form — since I definitely didn’t inherit my mother’s painting and drawing abilities, I’ve always been interested in the graphic arts like photography and design (and now printmaking!), which require an artistic eye, but not as much in the way of sketching (although it would help).

But I digress. When I spoke with Moira, the instructor, she said that I needed to bring two things: 1) paper to print on, and 2) an idea of a phrase or few lines I wanted to print. I think that I would like to print some card stock to cut down into a card (assuming it turns out ok!).

I love using short phrases from literature or poetry, because it seems to tell a more interesting story to me (probably why I adore the six-word story concept). It’s kind of like abstract art — it means something different depending on your own perspective. But, I’m also open to something a little longer. So…opinion time! Here are some phrases I’m thinking about, with ideas. Do you have a favorite? Do you have another favorite line or two that you can suggest?

1. Adore — because, well, I just love the word. Plus, it can be used for different things (I love you card, thank you card, etc)

The next two are courtesy Amanda of first milk, via her guest posts on A Practical Wedding:

2. I used to be shy. / You made me sing. from “Children Running Through,” Rumi

3. Loving makes itself. from Still Life with Woodpecker, Tom Robbins


4. Talent is something rare and beautiful and precious, and it must not be
allowed to go to waste.
from The Cricket in Times Square, George Selden

5. Where words fail, music speaks. from Hans Christian Andersen

Keep in mind that this will be text only, since I’m just learning (although I have some ideas swirling around in my head for later!)…


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  1. Thought #1: I am dying of jealousy.

    Thought #2: I hope you have a fabulous time, take tons of photos, and come and tell us all about it. I am totally intrigued!

    Thought #3: of the ones you posted, I like the “I used to be shy” one because that is just how my fiance and I are.

    Thought #4: I love the following quote, although it might be too long:

    “Love is, above all else, the gift of oneself.”~Jean Anouilh

  2. Thanks!! My camera battery is charged, and I’m planning on taking lots of pics to share! Look for a recap tomorrow.
    I love that quote! Moira said “no more than a couple of lines,” so I don’t think it would be too long.

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