Red High Heels

Yes, I know the Kelli Pickler song isn’t exactly the most…er, romantic song ever. But other than that *minor* detail, I ADORE red high heels, so…

As much as I dream of Louboutins, I am not holding my breath (or I would be an unbecoming shade of blue in the wedding pics). And I am loving the idea of adding a little pop of color with my shoes. Because we all know that I’m all about the untraditional touches! Besides, shoes that I can never wear again? Thanks, but it’s bad enough that I don’t get to wear the dress anymore!

Which brings me to my utter adoration of red heels. Since we oh-so-conveniently have red as one of our wedding colors, I’m seriously considering wearing red heels under my dress. My only concern is that they might show when I walk up the aisle, so I may end up with the shoe equivalent of two dresses — a cheap pair of ivory shoes for the ceremony, and a fun (but still cheap, because I can’t bring myself to pay much for shoes, no matter how gorgeous) red pair for the reception.

Some possibilities for the red shoes:

$74 from Zappos

$40 from DSW

$60 from Piperlime

$72, from Zappos again. Totally unlike anything else I’ve ever bought, but they strike me as kind of fun. I can totally see wearing these with a white eyelet dress and red sash…

My problem being that they’re apparently red satin. Hm. $59 at Zappos.

Opinions? Other suggestions?

I’m very proud of myself for all the stunning Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman shoes that I walked (clicked?) away from. By the way, there are some truly frightening red shoes out there. Frightening like, “I just may spend the next hour crying under my desk from just the sight” kind of frightening. Yikes.

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  1. Great site! I read somewhere that the way Christian Louboutin came up with the red soles idea was by painting the soles of a client’s shoes red with fingernail polish. You could try painting the soles of your ivory shoes! (But i would maybe sand them down first and use acrylics, and test first on a pair of old shoes.)

  2. Thanks! And I had never heard that — interesting shoe trivia for the day! Good idea — I think some of my shoes just got volunteered to be guinea pigs…

  3. YES on red shoes! I cannot WAIT to wear mine on our wedding day… and then wear them as much as possible for years and years to come!

  4. Yay! I love hearing about other people who are planning to have re-wearable stuff…’cause really, how many times are you going to use that ivory satin clutch?

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