My Wedding Nemesis

I think I will be forced to accept tulle as my nemesis. Part of the frills ban on the wedding has been the utter refusal to even speak the “t-word,” with visions of sugary-sweet clouds of tulle and hearts dancing in my head.

But all along, I’ve wanted dramatic, sheer curtain panels as the main decor element for the ceremony, with hanging votives and pomanders. My first thought was to use gauze, because it’s inexpensive and sheer (think theatre scrim weight, not bandages). However, the logistics of dyeing yards and yards of fabric charcoal gave me pause. So then I considered using the gauze, but leaving it natural. But I really wanted the drama of charcoal with the white flowers and candles–and my white dress–against it.

And then today, I was doing yet another search for the perfect fabric, and I found 108-inch-wide…tulle (I hate even saying the word!)…in charcoal. For $2/yd. Which brings me to the bring of admitting that tulle may just be my nemesis. My worthy adversary. The fabric that may make me eat my wedding words.

Because I suppose that tulle may be like carnations. Tacky, tacky, tacky in high-school-prom mode. But en masse and monochromatic?

Marvelous centerpiece created by Eddie Ross

Marvelous centerpiece created by Eddie Ross

Not so tacky anymore. All in how you use them. Which, I am beginning to wonder, may be possible with tulle.

What do you think? Can I use draped, charcoal-colored tulle without descending into the depths of 80’s wedding horror?

Update: as soon as I posted this, I saw this room on coco+kelley, which is pretty much exactly what I had in mind for said curtain…

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