Going to Market

One of the lovely things about Delaware is that, while it isn’t a large state in and of itself, it does provide access to a number of pretty major metropolitan areas. Washington/Baltimore, Philly, and, of course, NYC are all within a few hours.

Now, this is lovely for all sorts of reasons, but where it really starts to matter is when you start looking at the shipping cost for wedding supplies. When you’re talking about heavy glass vases, etc, shipping costs can really add up. Flowers, same way. But right in the heart of NYC is the New York City Flower Market, my new best friend.

With around 50 different businesses to choose from, I’ll be able to pick up most of my wedding floral-related supplies in one major shopping trip. I’ll also be looking at the cost vs. convenience factor of actually getting our wedding flowers from the city as well. It’s just under a three-hour trip, so it may not work out to be more cost effective for the actual flowers, especially since there are flower wholesalers in DC as well, which is where I am every day for work!

But for the actual supplies, the trip will definitely be well worth it — Jamali Garden is located in the flower district, along with a number of other floral supply distributors.

If you live near a large city, too, try checking to see if there’s a floral wholesaler nearby — you may get the same great prices as ordering from an online one, with the bonus of actually getting to touch and smell the flowers for yourself!

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