Bucking Tradition, Embracing Tradition

If you know us, T and I are both a strange blend of traditionalist and techie. Oddly enough, although he worked in the technology field for years, T is probably more traditional than I am. But I definitely have my moments.

For our wedding, we’ve kind of ended up with the same blend, embracing some traditions and bucking others. For example, I absolutely refuse to have a bouquet toss. As one of the last of my friends to get married, I’m not going to make the few single friends I have stand up with the twelve-year-olds to catch a bouquet they don’t want anyway (I caught at least three before I even started dating my fiance, so it’s not like it even works!!). And I’ve never met a man yet who actually wanted to catch the garter — they usually have to be dragged up there. So no tosses.

And it just doesn’t make sense to do all the photos for a night wedding after the ceremony, so T and I will be seeing each other before the ceremony. But I do love the idea of surprising him with the whole look, so he’s not seeing me or the dress until the “big reveal.”

Probably the biggest tradition that we just recently decided to do away with is actually a return to tradition, in a way. We’re not sending save the dates. No, we’re not cruel, evil people who don’t want our friends to come to our wedding. But, the people who we’re really close to already know when the wedding is. And since we just finally got the guest list set four months out, the STDs would only lead the invites by a little. With those two things in mind…the other two reasons are that cutting a major project–which was starting to feel more and more superfluous–gave us the time and budget wiggle room to concentrate on the invites.

I decided that of the two things, the invites are the things that family, at least, will save. Nobody saves the STDs. Nobody. So, we’re returning to the days when you sent an invite and if people could come, they came. If not, they sent their regrets. Simple as that. Will people be shocked that we’re not sending them? Possibly. But I highly doubt the shock will kill anyone, and once they recover (and receive their lovingly handcrafted invites, which we’ll send just a little early), hopefully they’ll just make plans to come celebrate with us and enjoy all of the day-of things that we are pouring our energy into!

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  1. Brava, my dear, brava. Amen on the bouquet and garter toss. They are really nothing but uncomfortable for everyone. I agree on the STD’s too- since it’s so close to the big day already, I say save the coin!

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