And…He’s Back!

I spent the weekend sick in bed with the flu that’s going around, which wasn’t particularly fun, but did give me a lot of forced down time to work on wedding stuff. I’ve now gotten through most of my to-do list from last week, and I’ll be sharing over the next few days. But first, an amusing “sometimes we should listen to our gut rather than our fiance” anecdote.

You may remember the “guy level of wedding interest” discussion that T and I had a while back. Well, I should have known that my normally full-of-opinions fiance would not be able to take a back seat for the entirety of the wedding planning! Actually, I did have a sneaking suspicion that he might discover more opinions than he thought he had, so this weekend, when I was working on the invitation design, I let him take a peek at some of the concepts I was playing with.

Short version? It’s a good thing we’ve learned the value of compromise! He liked about half of the concepts I was working with (not including the chandelier *sigh*), so despite his best intentions, he has now been sucked into the wedding planning machine! We spent some time looking at invites, and found some concepts that both of us liked, and did some compromising and negotiating, and have a “new” direction. Still some of the same concepts, but a little more 1930s New York, and a little less 1940s Hollywood. Which I’m definitely ok with, although I will admit to teasing T just a little about how much he “didn’t care” about the details after all.

The moral of the story? When your fiance’s lack of opinions sounds too strange to be true, it probably is!

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  1. lol.. great post!

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