Invitation Design Inspiration!

So I wrote a few days ago about how I loved this stationary suite from Ceci New York. Who has a really great new vintage suite, btw…

However, the one element I was a little “eh” on for us was the damask. Don’t get me wrong, it was stunning and gorgeous when she did it. But I feel like damask is so…ubiquitous right now, and without the laser cutting to make it feel different, I just wasn’t sure.

And then today, I was browsing around on the Flush Designs site, and some about this photo caught my eye…

Antonietta & Daniel's Old World Opulence Invite

Antonietta & Daniel's Old World Opulence Invite

…and I thought, “peacock feathers!!” I think that’s what I want! Instead of an allover damask like Ceci’s Lisa used, I want to try something with a stylized peacock feather design. Obviously, not in this gorgeous green and blue, but I may (may) try incorporating some peacock and dark blue, which could definitely coordinate with the charcoal/cream/rich red colors we have going on. Plus, that means I could have peacock feathers, which I adore, in my bouquet!

I’m going to go home and start playing around with the design tonight. If design inspiration is flowing, maybe I’ll have some draft designs to show off tomorrow!

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