Reception Booklets

So I’ve been thinking about the whole “what to do at the reception” thing, which led to the offshoot of “how do I communicate all the things I want to do at the reception?”

So far, the tangible paper items I want to have at the reception include a menu (because I, at least, always wonder what I’m eating when they pass hors d’oeuvres around), conversation topic cards of some sort, a card to share their “six word story/advice” with us, information about the live songs (since our family and friends will be playing, we want them to get some recognition), and a packet of confetti or something to throw when we get to the reception. Maybe more as I come up with more reception activities. Which makes for a lot of “stuff” on the table.

And then I got to thinking about the recent invitation booklet posts on Oh So Beautiful Paper, and I wondered why we only have programs for the ceremony. Because that’s where everyone needs/wants more info, right? But what if you needed more info at the reception, too? Enter my latest brainstorm — reception programs. Rather than have multiple different paper items on the tables, each person will get a booklet when they walk in the door, with all of the necessary information & paper goods in one neat little package. Held together with eyelets, I think, like this fan, and perforated for the tear-out things, like the “six words” card. Small enough to fit in a coat pocket or purse. This would also cut down on the information we have to print in the ceremony program (no reception music info, for one thing).

Like? Hate?

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