Making a List, Checking it Twice

While I am not Santa (at least not for a few more years!), this weekend was definitely all about the lists! I’ve gone into wedding-decision-making overdrive, and got a bunch of things decided/completed/moving this weekend.

1. Our Registry

Our Chosen China Pattern

T said that he didn’t care about the kitchen stuff as much (he can tell a frying pan from a saucepan, and use both, but don’t ask him about the benefits of marble rolling pins for pastry making!), but definitely wanted to be in on the “what color towels are going to be in the bathroom” decisions. So, I did two of our registries online, and then on Saturday we finally made it to Macy’s to register in person for the non-kitchen stuff. T got to run the scanner, of course (guys and toys…), and towards the end, he definitely got a little trigger-happy (I think he saw his “playtime” coming to an end, and kept finding more things to scan!!), but we managed to come up with a decent start on the registry. We definitely got a scolding from the registry woman for not picking enough, but I was ready to get out of there! I am not the marathon shopping trip type, not by a long shot! Now that we have the towels picked (and T knows he won’t be forced to sleep with pink sheets, not that I would do that to him!), we can complete the rest online.

We wanted to have a good range, so we’re registering at Wal-Mart (because it’s in town, and the nearest Target is 30+ minutes away *sigh*) for the basics…after all, the difference between a set of stoneware mixing bowls from Wal-Mart and one from Williams-Sonoma? About $50. Definitely a big difference on things like baking sheets, and Williams-Sonoma has a lot more specialty tools. But for the basics, we figured we might as well register there as anyplace else. The third registry is Williams-Sonoma, for the aforementioned specialty stuff.

2. The Guest List

I believe we finally have the guest list finalized. We’re trying to keep the wedding on the smallish side, but by the time we finished with the guest list, it’s pushing 250! Our venue will hold us even if almost everyone comes, and we’re trying to keep our expenses under control anyway, so even if the full guest list comes, we’ll be ok budget-wise. It may be a little backwards, but having as many of our family and friends there as possible is one of the most important things to us, so we’re going to be excited about however many can come! One of the nice things in pulling together the list is that neither of our parents did the “but what do you mean I can’t invite the neighbors across the street who we’ve only met once?” thing, so the only people on the list are people we really want to be there. Now that we’re only four months out, we have to decide whether to send the STDs or not…

3. The Attire


I was on the fence about what to have my girls wear, and I finally decided to just go with the dress I originally picked.

I spoke with the store, and they can order extra material, so if I can’t find a shrug I like, we’ll just add sleeves to the dresses. The guys will wear three-button tuxes, but we’re leaving it up to them to rent or buy — some guys already have theirs, and as long as it’s a classic tux (none of this zoot suit nonsense!), one three-button tux looks enough like another to pass. They’ll also be wearing gray vests/bow ties, and ivory shirts (the one place we will request some standardization, because one ivory is not like another!).

4. The Invitation

Decided on a format for the invitation, and worked on finalizing the design. After crunching the numbers, I realized that the square invites I wanted in the first place would actually work out to be comparable in price, since if I wasn’t going to have square invites, I was going to use some type of pocket enclosure. Since we’re probably going to hand-deliver the invites in town (yes, I know we’re on somewhat shaky etiquette ground, but that is technically the most traditional route…although we don’t actually have a footman to do the delivering), the postage surcharge for the square envelopes doesn’t outweigh the cost savings of having fewer pieces in the invitation. And, I wanted a square invite anyway! Still working on the actual design.

Still to come…Decisions planned for the week upcoming: favors, projects, childcare, and lodging.

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