Happy Hallmark Day!

I’ve never really gotten behind Valentine’s Day. Yes, I am in fact, very happily in a relationship, and am pretty sure I don’t have any leftover bitterness from the days when I hated V-Day because everyone else was “couple-y.” And I’m definitely a big fan of love and sweet things! However, I think it’s overdone. The same way I feel about tulle, hearts, and most roses. I’m a big fan of the concept of celebrating the person you’re with at random times, not because Hallmark tells you too!

So tomorrow, T and I will probably exchange some very tongue-in-cheek tokens of the day…and then head to Chipotle for dinner, because everything else is booked, and tomorrow is our belated date for T’s birthday, and he wants Chipotle! Yes, we’re weird — we go out to nice restaurants on random occasions, and plan to eat fast food on THE official “date night of the year!!” But you know what? I bet it’s the one restaurant that won’t be crowded tomorrow!

Happy “Whatever You Want to Celebrate or Not Celebrate” Day tomorrow!

I’ll leave you with the absolute best Valentine’s Day card I’ve ever seen. Ever.

via coco + kelly

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