Kid Parade

As everyone who’s had a wedding knows, the question of whether to invite kids or not can be a sticky one. People tend to have very strong opinions one way or the other, and can get VERY offended if someone disagrees!

T and I have decided on a middle road — we’re having kids in our wedding, and at the ceremony, but not at the reception. Here’s our thinking: our wedding starts at 7 pm, so by the time it’s over, the kids are fast approaching bedtime anyway. And our reception venue is SO not kid-friendly (candles+rooftop = no kids allowed!). The only kids who will be invited to the reception will be the ones in the wedding party — we know they’ll be able to behave, and they know they’ll be in big trouble* if they don’t!

When I was talking with my girls the other night, though, we came up with the cutest idea! Our flower girl and ring bearer each have a younger sibling, who we’d love to involve if it didn’t stress me out to have 4-year-olds in front of everyone. So…we decided to make them mini-greeters! You know how little kids, as long as they’re not the shy type, LOVE to be the official guide for anything? Well, we’ll put them at the door with the ushers, and they can run around welcoming people to the wedding and giving them a program. Let’s face it: little kids make people smile, and if people start smiling the second they walk in the door to our wedding, even better! And, it kills a bunch of birds with one stone — we get to have them involved, they get to participate in a place where a little extra energy doesn’t matter, and…kids are just so cute dressed up in little tuxes and frilly dresses!

Speaking of cute, I think I’ve decided that I definitely want to use a Paloma’s Nest ring bowl instead of a ring pillow. I’ve never really understood the point of making some poor little boy carry a frilly pillow down the aisle. But THESE:

Adore. And, it’s definitely something that I could actually see displaying in our house after we get married. Unlike a cake topper (Don’t even get me started). You can get your own custom text stamped into the ceramic, so we can use the phrase that’s going to be on all of our wedding stationary, rather than just our names or wedding date. Plus, it takes “make a non-frilly ring pillow” off my list of to-dos!

The closer we get to  the wedding, the more excited I get about the details… Check back in a bit for more on our wedding “tagline!”

*From their parents! Erase the mental image of me in a wedding gown screaming at some poor kid!
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