Practical Projects

I am a control freak. Those of you who know me know this is true. Very true. Sometimes frighteningly true. So, delegating wedding-related stuff does not come easily to me. And, having grown up with a mother who regularly took time to make (and imagine!) things with us, I love projects. I don’t have time for them as much anymore, but people who only know me in passing might be surprised by how many craft supplies I have at home. Which means I have a LOT of things I want to make for the wedding. Partly because I like making things, partly because I’m…practical about our budget (“cheap” has too much of a negative connotation!). But since I have done most of the major types of arts and crafts out there at some point in my life (again, thanks to Mom), it grates on me to pay someone else to do something that I could just as easily do myself.

I agree, on some level, with Meg about the do-it-together concept. However, my control-freakishness means that I do not always play nicely with others when I’m stressed. I tend to get a little…bossy and hypercritical. So, doing everything in tandem with someone else (whether that’s T or one of my other amazing friends and family) is probably not in anyone’s best interest! However, I am self-aware enough to realize that if I try to do everything myself, I’ll only make myself and everyone else crazy! So, I’ve decided to go with a hybrid DIY/DIT/WIC approach. It’s like this: I am, admittedly, a big fan of paying for convenience. It’s probably a bad thing. But when you spend 5+ hours per day on the road, it becomes a necessity if you want any sleep at all. Which means that I am not intrinsically opposed to some WIC stuff…I just have to have a really good reason for it.

I have decided that instead of making everyone else crazy with DIT projects, or making myself crazy with DIY projects, I’m going with a hybrid approach: “practical projects.” There are three categories of practical projects that I want to do for the wedding. Category 1 may or may not include actual “projects,” but definitely includes the project planning and prep. These are things I can, and should, just do on my own, for everyone’s sake. I’ve discovered that I have a very specific vision in my head, and I tend to annoy anyone who tries to help me with ideas, because I know it when I see it, and I’ll look at and reject hundreds of things until I find the one that is exactly what I imagined, or my concept evolves until it syncs with my vision. This can take hours. Florists, and friends who go with me to florists, tend to not like that.

Category 2 includes things that I need/want input on, but not until I have the kinks worked out in my own head. I blame this on having worked in communications, where you meet with your clients to get their requirements, and then go work up some options, and come back to present them to the client. So I’m used to having a chance to play around with my ideas for a while before anyone else gets involved — kind of like thinking out loud. Which includes things like the invites.

Category 3 is things that don’t require much design/planning, but do require multiple hands for assembly — what I call the perfect DIT project.

Category 4 isn’t precisely a project category either. These are the things that I would love to do on my own but in the interests of trying to stay sane, I will pay someone else to do them. Or I will scrap them. Things in this category include projects such as my idea for lovely glassware, and my personal flowers for the wedding day. It also my very well include the bouts for the guys — could definitely do them, but I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle.

Now that we have the date, and at least a good direction on a venue, I’m starting to put together the lists of what falls into each category. Come back later today for a tentative list of categorized projects — this is definitely one of the times I need brutal honesty if I’m crazily including things in the “make” category that should be in the “buy or kill” category…

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