Venue Selection: 2nd Round

Over the weekend, I got a chance to do some site visits. If you’ll remember from previous posts, Smith & Company and Heritage Shores were at the top of the list, until Smith & Co. decided to go MIA.

I called the other venues on the list, and Hotel Rodney is too small, I couldn’t get in touch with Silver Lake, and Lighthouse Restaurant went through some type of mysterious coup or something, and the people who were running it got kicked out and the owners took over (everyone I talked to sounded mad at someone else, and really evasive, so…definitely don’t want to deal with whatever went down while I’m planning my wedding!).

However, I added two venues to the list: Shawnee Country Club and The Brick Hotel.

On Saturday, I went to visit these three venues – a second round scouting trip while T was out of town – and got it narrowed down to two finalists! Shawnee Country Club was even less impressive in person than online. It was probably lovely when it was built 50 years ago, but now…hm, well. Let’s just say that if pink was your color and “aging country restaurant” was your style, you would be set. However, since neither of those applies for us, they went straight off the list. However, I loved both Heritage Shores and the Brick Hotel. They each had a totally different feel, but were both great – I’ll be posting a review of each of them in just a bit.

I’m totally torn. I kind of hope that either a) T has a very strong opinion about one of them (he just got home yesterday, so we haven’t had a chance to talk about them in detail, although he’s seen the pics and heard a little about each), or b) the numbers make the choice obvious. I’m very much afraid that won’t be the case on either, though, so it will come down to a tough choice. I’ll discuss their pros and cons in the individual posts, and feel free to weigh in…I can use all the input I can get right now!

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