Heritage Shores

I decided to do these in chronological order, so first up is Heritage Shores. It’s a lovely club on what I hear is a nice course (although I’ve never played it) in Bridgeville, DE — about 30 mins from our ceremony location.

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I didn’t think to get pictures of the approach, but you drive down a long, tree-lined drive with old-fashioned street lamps. This is the main entrance:

This is the door to the ballroom, and we’d have the option of either having it open, and welcoming our guests that way, or having them come through the main entrance.

When you walk into the main entrance, there’s a nice sitting area with a baby grand sitting there (which can be moved, although the sales manager I met with didn’t know for sure what the fee was).

You have to wind around a bit to get through the ballroom, so having people come in though the ballroom doors might not be a bad idea, if we go with Heritage Shores.

Some pics of the space itself:

There’s a stage at the front of the room, and the curtains can be left open or shut. There are some spots, but they have to be moved manually (think guys on a ladder!), and can’t be controlled individually. Actually, that’s not true. You can unplug each of them individually if you want to turn some of them off.

Basically, it’s your standard ballroom. I’m definitely a little concerned about the size — the max capacity is 300+ for a seated dinner , so our 150+ cocktail setup will be a little dwarfed. The next smaller room seats 50, so that won’t work either. Not that we can’t work around that, but it’s definitely something that we’d have to work out.

Also, they only have the rounds you see in the picture — no tall cocktail rounds or cafe tables, both of which I’d kind of like to have. They can rent them, but obviously there’s an extra charge. Actually, that’s one big consideration: their prices are definitely reasonable, but like most places that do a lot of events, there’s a charge for everything. For example, even if you want to use their standard linens, they’ll still charge a linen rental fee. Also, I feel like the sales director and I might have some artistic differences. Not anything that can’t be worked out, but…she just didn’t seem to “get” me and my vision for the event straight off. And, she was guilty of one of my pet peeves — second guessing a definitive answer from the client. I told her in one of our email communications that we don’t drink or dance, so we wouldn’t need a bar or dance floor in the room. And then I’m pretty sure I repeated in my next email that this would be a non-alcoholic reception. And she still came back and asked me if I was sure I don’t want a cash bar, in case one of the guests wants something alcoholic. First of all — cash bar? Really? Please tell me you didn’t just suggest a cash bar. At a wedding. Second, didn’t I already say twice that I didn’t want a bar!? Yes, I know many people drink, and most weddings have some type of alcohol. But I wasn’t exactly vague when I said “no alcohol.” Still, nothing that can’t be worked around, just a little annoying.

To summarize, the pros: the space is certainly big enough, the costs are reasonable, and the setting is certainly lovely, as is the venue itself, there’s a piano on site, and there is a pretty big menu selection. The cons: a bunch of little things that need to be worked around, the hidden costs that look like they’re really going to add up, and a certain ennui attached to using such a very typical space.

I kind of feel about this space like I did when we were shopping for rings — there were rings that I liked well enough, and they would have made perfectly lovely choices…BUT. I think I can make the space work, but I’m just not sure.

Actually, in all fairness, I loved the setting enough to make the minor annoyances work until I saw the Brick Inn, coming up later…

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