E-Pics, Part I

Update, 3pm: Think I got the probs fixed, but the photo quality got a little messed up, so I’ll post better versions tonight when my computer wants to cooperate…

Update, 2pm: Just heard that the photo links were broken…will try to get the technical kinks worked out momentarily!

So, after I lost my USB drive with all of our e-pics on it (I know it’s someplace around the house, I just don’t know where that someplace is), T’s cousin Caleb, who shot them and will be shooting our wedding, was kind enough to give me another set last night so I could share them.

This is just the first round — we’re going to do more pics once the weather gets warm, but there were a few shots I wanted for the STDs and whatnot, so Caleb came out with us one VERY cold day and took some pics. I love old photos, so I’ve played around with these in Photoshop to add grain, etc. You’ll be seeing one of these again soon when we get the STDs out!

This one is definitely my favorite shot. Caleb did a great job with taking the picture I was seeing in my mind and bringing it to life!! When he went to get it printed (he gave a print of this photo to T for Christmas), the woman at the shop thought it was from a commercial shoot for an ad! In fact, those are our shoes, and I guess she wasn’t too far off — I guess STDs are kind of “wedding ads!”

In front of a random abandoned building

Turned the contrast down and grain up on this one, which will be faded on the back of some of the wedding stationary…

Caleb said something and caught my attention right before he took this shot, and I have no idea what, but it made for a fun pic:

Like Amanda, some of my favorite photos don’t have faces:

Another vignette:

Final shot for today: the most expensive watch I’ve ever purchased!…

This is probably one of my favorite shots anyway, and then I dialed up the grain and contrast – it reminds me of a watch ad (are you getting the idea that I like commercial photography best?). I’ve always told T that when we got engaged, he got to pick out something nice too, because it wasn’t fair that I was the only one who got nice jewelry just for saying “yes!!”

More e-pics to come soon!

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  1. These are just lovely! Absolutely love the one with you sitting on the bench in the foreground… and well, pretty much love all of ’em. =) Yay photos! (and props to Caleb!)

  2. Thanks! I will pass that on to him! I can’t wait to see what he does with the next shoot…

  3. Holla!! Love it that you’re name droppin’! LOVE the pics! xoxo.

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