A Few Brave Souls

Well, I just finished the morning trek through the icy conditions we currently have courtesy of the storm that has dumped winter weather over a big swath of the country. For someone who learned to drive in winter weather by being taken out in an ice-covered parking lot and doing donuts until I got the hang of getting out of a skid, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, since everyone else didn’t venture out, traffic was actually pretty light.

Of course, events yesterday made me very glad that those who didn’t know how to drive in the snow stayed home. T’s parents are renting out their basement apartment to a girl they’ve known for a while. Well, since she’s a…hmm…”cautious” driver most days, yesterday’s winter weather (not more than an inch in Delaware) kind of freaked her out. With good cause, apparently.  She borrowed T’s Explorer to get to work, and promptly managed to wreck it when she lost control of the car trying to figure out how to get the 4WD to work. Yeah. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt, and the car isn’t badly hurt. I definitely suggested that she stay safely home today, though…it’s safer for her and for the rest of us!

All the ice is supposed to melt today, and then refreeze overnight, so maybe I’ll get a traffic respite again tomorrow. In the meantime, I am definitely enjoying the snow all over the fields and trees. Call me weird, but I love winter! Yay pretty snow!!

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