Location, Location, Location

As they say, locations is everything, and now that we have decided on a reception format (and therefore a date, hopefully), we’re trying to narrow down reception venues.

Now that we’re having a cocktail reception, it opens up some possibilities as far as the venue. Unfortunately, we’re talking about Delaware (which, much as I love everyone there, is not exactly teeming with unique venue options), so the possibilities don’t open very far. However, the positive thing about more…out of the way, shall we say?…places  is that there IS still such a thing as a site rental fee that’s in the hundreds of dollars, not thousands. Which is nice!

Still researching a bunch of venue options, but here are some of the possibilities. The top two at the moment:

Smith & Company

Smith & Company is located in the same town we live and are getting married in, so that’s a definite plus. Also, that’s the restaurant where we went the night we got engaged, so it has some sentimental pull for us. It has a fairly neutral, streamlined decor, so it wouldn’t clash with anything we’d want decor-wise (as opposed to someplace that had Victorian florals all over!!). The cons? It’s a little on the small side — it wouldn’t fit our guests for a seated dinner, and we’ll definitely need to use the patio, which concerns me a little weather-wise. And the menu selection seems a little limited. Not lil’ smokies limited-which, not even kidding, one of the caterers had on their MENU!!!-but not haute cuisine. We were supposed to have a meeting with the catering manager last week, but she was sick, so we’re going to reschedule, hopefully for tomorrow night when T is not in class. We’ll see…

Heritage Shores

Pluses: It’s on a golf course, which is a big plus with both of us since we love golf (T is admittedly more infatuated than I am, but I think it’s a pretty great sport too). And it’s lovely. Which is also one of the potential minuses. Their ballroom is rather…hmm…lovely, I suppose, but not exactly the streamlined chic I had in mind.

Still, a lot can be done with lighting and decor, and I haven’t seen their other rooms yet, so it’s definitely workable. And the menu was a little more to my taste. I’m the world’s second-pickiest eater (T takes the cake!), so I really don’t want haute cuisine, but I do want some interesting options. I’m waiting for an email back with answers to some follow-up questions.

Now that we don’t have the same space constraints we did when we were looking for a venue with banquet space for 200, I’m also looking at a few other places:

Hotel Rodney, in Lewes, DE

Silver Lake Guest House, in Rehoboth Beach

Lighthouse Restaurant, also in  Lewes

More to come as I get proposals back from the different venues…

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I can’t wait to read more about having a cocktail wedding. I am so torn between a formal sit-down dinner and something lighter. And then what do you do for entertainment, etc….

    I am putting a link to you on my blogroll as well (http://sergeilovestonya.wordpress.com)


  2. Are you headed for the alter or the altar?

    Please be sure that you and your intended are agreement about which one, and if the former, who is going to alter whom and how.

    Working that out will save you both years of heartache.

  3. Tonya: Thanks! I returned the link love. The decision to go with apps as opposed to a sit-down dinner is definitely not an easy one! And I’ll be exploring ideas for entertainment soon…

    Anon: Definitely the latter! 🙂 However, it seems I DO need to alter my typing skills!

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