One Step Closer

So I just got off the phone from a long chat with T about the wedding. Short version: he’s ok with my chic cocktail party vision for the reception. In a perfect world, I think we would both want a white tie gala, but it just isn’t a perfect world, even if you’re an incurable optimist!

So, in the absence of luxe…Old Hollywood glam, here we come! Which puts us one step closer to having a date finalized. I don’t want to jump the “yay, we have a date!” gun again, so I’m only cautiously optimistic at this point. But, if our conversation with the venue goes as I hope, I think we *might* have both a venue and a date! Which means I could send the STDs (save the dates, for the future reference of those of you who don’t live on wedding blogs like I do) that I’ve been sitting on since the date started shifting!

Will keep you posted…

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  1. HI there!! I am totally loving your blog! I am a bride to be as well and trying to do old Hollywood glam and finding it not so easy without being cheesy. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Thanks!! Yes, using vintage styles well can be a challenge. I’m staying away from a “theme” and going with an “inspiration” and “environment” — subtle touches here and there to evoke the feel, without being overt. Have you checked out some of Kathryn’s boards over at Snippet and Ink? There are some great, glam-without-being-over-the-top inspiration boards.

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