The One That Got Away

So I had my first personal florist experience yesterday. I’ve been with other brides, but this was my first time for our wedding. The florist was pretty hideous – told me I could come anytime after 9:30, and then got annoyed when I wasn’t there at 9:30 on the dot. However, despite the florist’s ire, I think I decided on flowers!

All along, I’ve been planning to have my girls carry Black Magic roses for the wedding, and T’s only flower request was that I carry an all-white bouquet, which was fine with me – I don’t care too much about flowers anyway (which is a big bonus for him when it comes to the frequency of demands for long-stemmed roses!), so…

I didn’t really know what I wanted (which really made the oh-so-friendly florist happy, as you can imagine), despite hours of looking at bouquets online , so I was looking at the florist’s book to see if I saw anything that caught my fancy. As I was flipping the pages, I chanced upon a hand-tied bouquet of stock. I’d seen stock before, and it tends to have a lovely country garden wedding feel to it:

This bouquet, though, was absolutely gorgeous, with nothing country about it (Not that garden weddings aren’t lovely. They are. They’re just not really me)! The tips were trimmed off, and the stems left long, and it looked like a bouquet of really ruffly hydrangea. Vintage feel with a modern twist. Very simply elegant. And right off, I could picture exactly what they would look like against the girls’ dresses, and I totally fell in love. Especially since I ended up liking a gardenia bouquet for me — same vintage-modern feel to it.

The only problem? Now I can’t find a photo that looks like the bouquet I saw. And I don’t really want to go with this florist unless I have to. Besides, even if I do, I want to share pics now! The closest thing I’ve found is this:

which doesn’t have the same simple, structural feel to it that the other one did (I think it’s fuller, for one thing. And, the one I saw was all white). So I’m searching for a picture like it, or I may just have to get some stock and do a trial run. If you have seen any pictures of bouquets of white stock with the tips trimmed, let me know!

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