A Piece of Cake

Yesterday, I got a chance to sit down with T’s cousin Stacey, who has been baking cakes forever, and is one of two people I can think of (my mother being the other one!!) whose cakes actually look AND taste good!! Since my mother will have plenty of other MOB duties (thanks Mom! :), Stacey was the obvious choice to make our cake – after all, we do want our guests to actually enjoy our wedding cake, not just push it around their plate!

The cake was one of the few things that I didn’t have a pretty clear idea of what I want. I knew I didn’t want anything super frilly (no cascades of pink roses for me, thanks!), and as much as I love the clean look of modern cakes, like this one, which I think is just fun:

I knew that wouldn’t suit the vintage-inspired wedding we have in mind. After about three hours of discussing concepts and looking at pictures, I finally had some front runners:

Still wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, although I had narrowed it down to square. The funny thing is that Stacey and I were looking at pictures on separate computers (having exhausted her books because I’m so picky/indecisive!), and both showed each other the same cake at the same time! So apparently it’s pretty “me”:

I love that it has the clean lines I adore, but the dragees add sparkle, and the overall look reminds me of the streamlined glam of the silver screen era. I like the sparkle of the topper, but think I want a monogram topper — little plastic brides and grooms just don’t do it for me, and I would rather have no cake than have a “humorous” topper like Leggos or something. Since T doesn’t like cake, we also talked about doing cheesecake for his groom’s cake.

Haven’t decided 100% on the flavors, but thinking chocolate with caramel, lemon with lemon buttercream, and white with strawberries and whipped cream (since pretty much everyone in the world but me seems to like fruit fillings).

Still have to clear it with T (who’s in Louisiana at the moment *sigh*), but as long as he gets his cheesecake, I don’t think he’s going to mind – at least I sure hope not!

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