Fresh Inspiration…and a Dilemma

Yesterday was all about fresh inspiration.

I read Kathryn’s post and coco + kelley‘s color week posts, to which Kathryn contributed, and read and commented on an Ask Abby question on SMP. I’ve been trying to make ivory the main color, because I was afraid charcoal would be too dark, but I decided to take my own advice to the Ask Abby poster, and go with the colors I really want — charcoal and ivory as the main colors, with red touches. We’ll keep the patterns light to make sure it stays airy, but hey, I’m only planning to get married once, so this one’s got to count!

I also read the EAD post about lighting at Elizabeth”s recent vow renewal. I really, really, really, really hope we can make it work to have an evening reception, because I desperately want candles. Lots of them. EVERYWHERE. I am 100% in love with this photo of one of Lisa Vorce‘s events:

Oh How Charming "Summertime Dreams"

Oh How Charming "Summertime Dreams"

Adore, adore, adore.

The problem that I’m running into is that evening events are, obviously, more expensive. I think I’d rather do a glam evening cocktail-party-type reception with hors d’oeuvres than a full lunch reception. T isn’t sure, but he’s leaning toward preferring to have “real food.” I’m just afraid I won’t get the feel I’m going for with a daytime wedding. I’ve been to wedding after gorgeous daytime wedding, and I keep seeing daytime weddings on blogs that I think are lovely, so I think I could reconcile myself to the idea…but the image I have in my head is still the evening one.

Do you think people will think we’re cheap if we do a reception that’s more “art gallery opening” than “7-course banquet?” On the one hand, 8 or 8:30 is a little too late for a full dinner anyway… but on the other hand, I want people to say “wow, that was amazing and gorgeous,” not “wow, I can’t believe they didn’t even have dinner.” I know what I want, I think I’m just afraid it’s bucking the norm too much.


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  1. do what YOU want.

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