Maybe Just Kidding…

Sorry for the mini-sabbatical. I’m feeling slightly more over the weather now, and the doctor says I’ll live 😉

While I’ve been sick, though, you might say I’ve been very productive. End result: just kidding on the June thing. T and I decided to move our wedding date up…to March!! Yes, we know we’re crazy. But, we’ve been crazy since we’ve known you, and you love us anyway!

Here’s what happened:
On Monday, we got to talking about the fact that some people weren’t going to be able to come because plane tickets are so expensive in the summer. And at some point, one of us said (jokingly) “well, we could just get married soon before the ticket prices go up!” And we laughed…and then we started actually talking about it. What if we did?

The pros: cheaper for our guests, cheaper for us (caterers and florists charge more for prime wedding season). The cons: we wouldn’t have that much time to plan, and we might have to scale the wedding back to get everything done in time; we wouldn’t have much time for a honeymoon; and rain is more likely in the spring. The final deciding factors ended up being two big pros: 1) we’d be married (yay!), and 2) I am going to be the day-of coordinator for  a wedding in April in Costa Rica, so I’ll be down there for a week anyway then. We realized we could do what many people are doing in this economy, and postpone our honeymoon, but only for a month…and then he could join me in Costa Rica after the wedding there! So, that’s what we decided to do. We’re going to get married on the 21st and have a mini-moon right after that, and then actually honeymoon in Costa Rica the following month.

Strangely enough, I’m totally not stressed about planning a wedding in two months. I know myself, and I LOVE details. Quite frankly, I was already seeing some slight bridezilla tendencies crop up every now and again, because the wedding we were planning had to be “perfect.” Now, I’ve had to take a step back, and look at what I really want from this wedding. End result, I want to be married to T, and I want our friends and family there to celebrate with us. One of my absolutely favorite bloggers, Meg at A Practical Wedding, wrote some really great posts a while back about old-fashioned weddings. Call me a sap, but seriously, this passage makes me tear up:

“There is something about weddings from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents generations that I find so grounding. Weddings were usually smaller and simpler. Everyone spent much less, but expectations were lower too. There were no favors, and often there were no bridesmaids, no seated dinner, and no wedding colors. There was just a bride and a groom and a hurry to get started on the actually-being-married bit.”

Moving our wedding up has given me a new perspective on this wedding, one that I really needed. For me, planning is a bit like Lay’s potato chips: I can’t stop at one. There’s always one more idea, one more great blog post I just read, one more grand idea. That’s what makes me good at my job. It’s also why it’s probably good that I don’t have five more months to make everyone around me crazy obsessing over the wedding. At the end of the day, I don’t need to throw the wedding of the century. I don’t need people to talk about our flowers for the next two (or ten) years. I want people to look back on our wedding and think “there was a lot of love there.”

So that’s my new goal: to have a day full of love and laughter and tears of joy.

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