Every Single Moment

It’s not true what they tell you. That whole “goes by in a blur, only remember because of the photos” thing? I remember every moment of what was a wonderful, amazing, emotional day.

I only had three attacks of nerves. The first one was completely unexpected. I woke up all “yay, I’m getting married today,” made it all the way downstairs to breakfast in the hotel, got one whiff of the full breakfast, and realized maybe bacon and eggs do NOT mix with nerves, even ones you don’t know are there. The second was expected but totally irrational, right before I walked down the path to see T for the first time (for some reason, I worried at the last minute that he would hate my dress), and the last one was right before my dad and I walked down the aisle (I hate being the center of attention).

Other than that, people kept saying how surprised they were that I was so calm. I wasn’t quite as calm as my sister, who was lying on the floor of the bride’s room kicking her feet in the air because she was bored waiting for the ceremony to start, but on the day of, I was surprisingly unstressed (which, if you know my penchant for stressing about details, is not much short of a miracle!).

A snapshot during the afternoon pics

A snapshot during the afternoon pics

There are so many moments that stand out in my mind. The look on T’s face when he saw me for the first time (You’ve heard the expression that someone looked “staggered?” Well, he did, literally and figuratively, the moment he saw me). How handsome he looked in his tux. How seeing each other killed the nerves, and we chowed down on Arby’s before the ceremony (seriously, terribly embarrassing pics to prove it). That the musicians were short one violin moments before the ceremony, and everyone was afraid to tell me, but I knew the whole time because someone slipped (they got a replacement and everything was fine)!! The way I felt like I was floating down the aisle in a dream, but as soon as I took T’s hands, the world felt real and right again. The absolute certainty I felt when I was saying my vows. The way the reception looked when we walked in. That we forgot the marriage license, and had to meet our pastor in the parking lot of Wal-Mart to do the handoff after we left the reception!!

So many moments throughout the day, funny and touching and memorable. And over it all, incandescent happiness. Over the course of the day, the things that went wrong (I’m still not sure if the ring bearer actually carried the ring bowl down the aisle) didn’t matter — I was getting married, and I was going to do it even if everything went wrong, everybody was late, and we got married with only our wedding party in sweatshirts as witnesses (it didn’t, everyone was there right on time, and the wedding party looked great)!!!

I’ve come to believe that “wedding blur” stories are like the labor horror stories they tell pregnant women: in the end, everyone has their own story, and handles it in their own way, and when it comes down to it, you just have to be you. And for me, that meant soaking in all the wonderful feelings and memories of our wedding day, and enjoying it. Every single moment.

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We Did!

Assuming the scheduler works properly, we just tied the knot!! Right about now, we should be heading back up the aisle, and then on to the wedding reception! Hooray, we’re married!!!!

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Weather Update!!

Ok, I know I said the last post was going to be it, but I just checked the weather forecast, and they downgraded the chance of rain to 20%, and changed the forecast from isolate t-storms to partly cloudy!! It’s the one clear day in a week of rain! Fingers crossed that it stays that way!!!


{via weather.com}

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The Other Kind of Wedding Favor

I’m supposed to be packing right now so I can get some rest, but I wanted to get in one last post before the (exciting!!!!!) craziness of the next two days.

I’ve realized over the past few weeks how humbling getting married can be. So many people have helped us, said a kind word, bought us a lovely gift, or written us an encouraging note. I really feel undeserving of everything people have done to help make this wedding a reality. T’s best man and his wife have put in countless hours helping us, keeping me sane, and just being generally wonderful people. Just tonight, two of our friends went all the way to the next big town, 30 minutes away, at 9:30 at night to pick up some equipment for setup tomorrow. Other people helping put favors together, delivering decorations…the list goes on and on. Seriously, I owe so many favors right now!! I hope that I can be as much help to other people after the wedding as they’ve been in the days leading up to it.

Like I said, with the exception of the “yay, we’re married” post I’m about to schedule, this will probably be it for the next few days at least. Tomorrow is going to be crazy with finishing up the last few details, and then it’s the big day! I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast.

Au revoir for now: coming up, my first post as Mrs. C!!

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The Home Stretch

Well, this is it. The week of the wedding. Time has seriously flown by so fast, I can’t believe it’s finally here. My to-do list is getting shorter by the minute, and I’m getting excited about seeing all our hard work come to fruition!

Our first guests arrived yesterday evening: T’s best man and his wife and two kids. It made it all feel more real, with guests starting to come in to celebrate with us. T’s other best man arrives today, and then a whole slew of people on Wednesday/Thursday. 

I’m currently up to my neck in finishing up projects for the wedding. My plans to be done by the week of the wedding didn’t quite pan out, but the only major thing left to do is print the programs: everything else is pretty close to finished!

So here’s what my to-do list looks like for the home stretch:

– Finish OOT baskets
– Finish wrapping gifts
– Print and assemble programs
– Print and address announcements
– Meet with officiant to confirm ceremony details 
– Meet with day-of coordinator to confirm coordination details
– Get hair/nails done
– PACK!!

Right now the forecast is holding at a 30% chance of isolated storms, so I’m remaining hopeful that we’ll be able to stay outside for the reception. 

The rest of this week is likely to be swamped, so my posting may be sporadic, but I’ll try to get in at least one post per day, although it may be late!

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Out of Town Baskets

I mentioned yesterday that one of the things I really like is the out of town basket we’ve put together for our guests coming in for the wedding. Budget-wise, we couldn’t go way overboard with any of the wedding elements, but I did want to have at least a little something to welcome our guests, so we put together a basket with some welcome treats and area information. I hadn’t decided exactly how I wanted to package the information, though, to give guests the proper preview. Then I saw this:

{Tara Guerard}

I love the half moon envelopes! Really, how can you not have a Paper Source obsession on some level? So now we have gorgeous red half moon enclosures with welcome stickers to go in the box, along with custom-labeled water, tea packets, biscotti, and chocolate.

Those are first on the to-do list for this weekend, since our first guests will be getting in Sunday night! Just one more week — SO excited!!!

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Finding the “Oops, oh well”

I am the first to admit that I have been a stickler about the details of the wedding. I told T early on that if we were going to do this (as opposed to eloping, which I’m still a little wistful over…), I needed two things: I needed to be able to run this like one of my events, and I needed us to do a lot of it ourselves, because I couldn’t bring myself to spend crazy amounts of money on it. I knew it would be a lot of work, but I also knew that it would be worth it.

And it has been a lot of work. I mean a LOT of work. But it’s exciting to see everything coming together, and see a light at the end of the tunnel. That “end of the tunnel” goal is what I wanted to talk about today.

T and I were talking last night about finding the “oops, oh well” point. Throughout most of your wedding planning, little technical difficulties are “oops, need to fix that” moments. But at a certain point, you need to reach a place in which the little stuff is good enough. Just for the record, I’m not suggesting that you leave something major half done. It’s the little, “nobody knew that was supposed to happen but you” or “nobody else is likely to notice that” things that I’m talking about. 


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Sappy Emotional

Those of you who know me in real life know that I cry at the drop of a hat. Sweet speech by a kid at graduation? Check. Sad scene in a movie? Check. Hallmark commercial? Sadly, check at least once. But that said, I’d say I’ve always been more emotional than sappy. I roll my eyes at Romeo and Juliet. I hate hearts and anything else that makes love cliche, or is *the* way to do romance (T knows what terrible things would happen to him if he ever brought me red roses on Valentine’s Day, which we don’t really celebrate anyway). And I never really thought too much as a little girl about what my wedding would be like, other than the fact that it would hopefully happen one day.

But a funny thing happened on the way to my wedding. Maybe it’s a surfeit of stress and emotions that have no place else to go. Maybe it’s not having slept in two weeks. Maybe it’s just the knowledge that we’re doing something big and unknown and wonderful, very, very soon. But the last week or so, I’ve turned sappy. 

Seriously, there’s no other word for it. Chick flicks that I would have laughed my head off over before? So sweet. Yesterday, when I was going to pick up my dress (!), every other song on the radio made me tear up, especially if it mentioned love, marriage, relationships, parents, family, friends…the list goes on. And have you ever tried to listen to country music without hearing one of those themes?

I found that Maggie was right. All of a sudden, the vows were a big deal. Not that having vows wasn’t a big deal before, but the choice between “plight my troth” and “pledge my faithfulness” never seemed so momentous. I’ve always been the one who liked tradition, but preferred it with a twist. But I found myself rejecting lots of vow options because they weren’t traditional enough. I want to use the words that millions of couples have used before us, that have this huge weight of tradition and many happy and successful marriages before us.

If this keeps up, I’m going to be a mess on our wedding day, and do you know what? I don’t care! If there’s one day that everything can touch me and make me tear up, it’s the day I finally get to marry my favorite person, and we promise forever in front of God and our friends and family. And after the wedding, I can go back to being my usual emotional-but-not-sappy self, although with a little better understanding of the sappy side of life. 

P.S. I still hate hearts. Apparently it’s a chronic condition.

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Weather Watch

Yikes. So I just did what I’ve been afraid to do, and checked the AccuWeather 15-day forecast. As of right now, it’s calling for “a shower late” on the Friday night of our wedding. By late, I’m hoping they mean “3 am after everyone is safely home.”

We do have a rain plan, but I really, really, want to have our reception on the rooftop, so keep your fingers crossed for the rain to stay away as we get closer!

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Feeling the Love

We had our couples shower last night, and we were totally overwhelmed by all of the love shown us. First of all, it was on a Wednesday night after Bible study, and if you attend anyplace, you know that Wednesday nights aren’t the best attended. But when T’s aunt (our pastor’s wife) asked us what day we wanted the shower on, Wednesday seemed to make the most sense, since we don’t usually have church events conflicting like on Sundays. So I wasn’t really expecting much, but I would have been excited by anything — it was our first shower!

Well, I walked back to the hall where the shower was, and I was totally blown away by all the gifts. Seriously, like stopped dead and started tearing up. I was definitely not expecting anything like that. Since it was supposed to be a couples’ shower, we managed to drag T and a couple of other guys back there, and we started unwrapping. That’s when the real surprises started.

You know how being nice and thinking of others is its own reward, but often comes back around to you in a totally unexpected way? Well, we got a very surprising, touching, and humbling reminder of that last night. All day yesterday, I kept hearing hints about how much I was going to love the gifts we were getting. I heard the phrase “you’re not even expecting this,” which I have to admit worried me a little — I mean, we registered for stuff because that’s what we wanted, right? Well, sometimes going off the registry can be a very good thing, if the givers know you well!

Remember when we took the china off our registry because we felt like it was a frivolous thing to ask our guests for in this economy? And took the flatware off for the same reason? Well, T’s aunts decided that we should have china and flatware, so one aunt and uncle, along with their children and respective spouses, went in together and bought us an entire set of flatware. Another aunt, uncle, children and respective spouses also went in and actually bought us an entire 58-piece set of china. I cry at everything, but I was so shocked and touched that honestly, I couldn’t really react at all! I mean, I think I did, but it definitely had a hard time sinking in. The china we got was, unbelievably enough, actually a pattern that we had looked at initially, Mikasa Parchment:


It’s gorgeous, and it’s even my favorite color! I’ll have to come up with an excuse for a dinner party very soon!!

And we got so many other lovely gifts — even T’s aunts who live out of state sent gifts. T’s mom gave us a whole bunch of lovely things, including one of my favorites: a book called “Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women.” Isn’t that sweet?

I’ve been to a lot of bridal showers, and it always seemed like fun to be on the other side of it, but I never realized how overwhelmingly humbling and touching it is to have a whole roomful of people there to celebrate with you, and give you gifts they chose for you. If this is anything like the wedding is going to be, I’m going to be a teary mess the whole time!

So now I’m off to my hopeful final dress fitting in Richmond, so I’ll try to get another post in before I leave, but if not, I’ll be back sometime before the weekend with (hopefully) pics of the project progress so far!

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